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Guest questions

How does it all work?

Welcome Beyond is a platform showcasing a hand-picked selection of outstanding vacation properties. Guests can search the website and directly contact the respective owners of suitable properties.

Do I need to pay to enquire?

No, it is entirely free to enquire.

Are your prices the same as booking directly?

Yes, absolutely. The prices you get quoted through our contact form are from the property owners/managers themselves so are the same as booking with the property directly. There are no extra costs or fees to you.

In addition, you will often receive a free gift when booking through Welcome Beyond rather than direct and we also often have special offers that are only available through our site.

What is your best price guarantee?

The prices shown on Welcome Beyond and the quote you’ll receive after enquiring are guaranteed to match the price you would receive when booking directly. This excludes any temporary coupons or special discounts.

When can I expect a reply?

We ask all property owners to reply within 24 hours.

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email of your enquiry from us when you first contacted the property owner, your email address was most likely misspelled. In this case, please submit your enquiry again.

Please also check your spam folder if you are not receiving any messages.

If you have checked the above and still haven’t received a reply to your enquiry, please let us know. We want to assure your booking experience is the best it can be.

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How do I book and pay?

After sending an enquiry through our contact form, all further communications, e.g. reservations, bookings and payments — as well as any special arrangements — are directly with the property owner/manager.

Is this site fraud safe?

Yes, absolutely. All properties are hand-picked by us (it is impossible to just list a property with us) and we are in personal contact with all property owners and managers. The people and properties on Welcome Beyond are real and it is entirely safe to book your holiday with them, that’s guaranteed.

How can I give feedback on my stay?

First of all, please inform the property owner directly and immediately of any problems you might encounter so they can be addressed as quickly as possible. After your stay, you will receive an email asking for your feedback. We will monitor any feedback submitted to assure a good level of service.

I can’t find the type of property I’m looking for.

If you haven’t found the type of property or location you’re looking for, please contact us with as detailed information as possible, we might still be able to help you through our custom property search service.

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Can you plan my entire trip for me?

Our partner Trufflepig certainly can. Trufflepig is a trip planning company that creates and delivers custom trips for individuals, families, and small private groups to select destinations worldwide. Trufflepig has a nose for finding authentic, flavourful experiences. And a knack for delivering thoughtful, totally seamless journeys.

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Property owner questions

Why should I join Welcome Beyond?

1. You want to market your property among a fine selection of exceptional properties around the world through a website that values and reflects the time and effort you put into your property.

2. You would like to benefit from additional bookings, increased exposure and potentially more revenue through the additional services we offer.

How can I submit a property for review?

Please fill in the Owner application form. There is no fee to apply a property to the site.

In order to stay true to our concept, we review every inquiry carefully and only include those properties that we feel meet our standards and respect our ultimate goal. Our decisions are by definition subjective, but we try to be consistent and fair.

As we’ve explained in About us, the properties we choose are unusual places that embody their owners’ unique passions and sense of discovery. We always favor personality over pretension, tasteful attention to detail over showy bids for faux luxury. Maybe that makes us reverse snobs – but we can live with the shame, and so can our guests.

Welcome Beyond reserves the right to only accept properties that meet our high quality standards. We are interested in properties that stand out and show a great level of integrity — in all price ranges.

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How much does a property listing cost?

Please enquire about our terms to list your property.

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General questions

I can’t find an answer to my question?

Please contact us if your question relates to using the site, our business, sponsorship queries or general comments.

For questions relating to a specific property, please contact the property owner directly through the relevant property listing.

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