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Botelet Cottages is managed by Julie, the Owner.
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Botelet Manor cottage - Botelet Cottages, in Cornwall, United Kingdom
— Julie: “Our mission is to give a glimpse into life on a Cornish farm, slowly evolving over generations. Saving the good bits of the old and adding snippets of timeless modern design.”
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— What is the history of Botelet farm?

Julie: “Our great grandparents lived in the Manor from 1860 until the farmhouse was built in 1884. Our grandfather was born in the ‘new’ farmhouse in the November of that year. Our father was also born here and lives here still. The fourth generation now, my brother Richard and myself, are continuing the family tradition. We're not organically registered but we do farm in an organic style — using neither fertilizers nor sprays. We belong to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme in which small grants encourage farmers to look after wildlife, protect nature and prevent overproduction. Hedge, gate and fence renewal coupled with the planting of one thousand hedging plants take place each winter. We do most of this work during off season when we have more time.”
— Botelet farm

— And when did you start renting Botelet out to guests?

Julie: “The Bed & Breakfast was started by our grandmother in the 30s. There were few B&Bs around at that time and it soon became an enterprising sideline. Our mother continued the B&B when we were children. Together our parents renovated a redundant railway carriage (a banana van) during the early 60s and let it out as a self-catering chalet. It was amazing for its era and continually booked. We’ve been letting our present two cottages out since about 1987.”
— Botelet Manor cottage

— Please tell me about the cottages.

Julie: “The cottages at Botelet have three bedrooms; a double, a twin and a single. Each sleeps five persons. Manor Cottage has two bathrooms and Cowslip Cottage has one. Manor is the larger property, at least so downstairs — it has a second bathroom, a separate sitting, dining room and a kitchen plus a laundry room. French doors lead from the dining room into the walled garden. This secluded area is formed from remains of the original manor dismantled some 120 years ago.

Cowslip Cottage has views over the surrounding meadows and a garden on three sides. It has a little unclassified lane running on one side. Downstairs the cottage has an extremely well-equipped kitchen with a large farmhouse table seating eight to ten people. The sitting room has an efficient wood-burning stove. The cottage also has a laundry room and the whole property benefits from natural light with morning and evening sun.”

— It’s all about healthy lifestyle, sustainability, being good to the environment, isn’t it?

Julie: “Yes, that’s what we try to promote here and hopefully that’s what we’re doing. We installed two wind turbines, so our primary sources of energy are from our domestic wind turbines and solar panels on both cottages, topped up with green tariff electricity when required. And the cottages are supplied with logs for the woodburners that have been harvested from the farm, so staying at Botelet leaves only a gentle footprint!

Our water at Botelet is from our own borehole. It's fantastically pure water. We recycle everything and use eco products for cleaning. We’ve always lived a sustainable type of lifestyle even before it became fashionable — we were brought up that way.”
— Botelet farm

— How would you describe the style of the cottages at Botelet?

Julie: “Manor Cottage has quite low beams and very thick walls dating from 1600 or before. The part of the Manor which forms the garden was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 AD. The cottage is listed, has some innovative lighting and a very interesting mix of the old and the new create a unique atmosphere in this ancient, ancestral home.”
— Botelet dining room

— What’s the essence of the farm at Botelet?

Julie: “Our mission is to give a glimpse into life on a Cornish farm, slowly evolving over generations. Saving the good bits of the old and adding snippets of timeless modern design.”

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