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Chateau St. Philippe
— Charles: “It is one of the oldest chateaux in Europe. When I give people tours through the chateau, they are amazed by every room.”
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— Can you please tell us a little about the history of Chateau St. Philippe?
Charles: “Chateau St. Philippe is one of the oldest chateaux in Europe. It was built in 1032 as a priory by Benedictine monks and sits on 17 acres of land. In 1828, it was renovated into a chateau by Baron Charles-Albert Favier du Noyer. It changed hands three more times before my cousin bought it. He took the integrity and authenticity of the chateau and modernised it for the modern comforts.”
— Chateau St. Philippe
— How would you describe the style of the chateau’s interior?
Charles: “A little blend of modern and antique, it’s very tastefully done. Everything was hand-picked picked because this is first and foremost a family home.

The view is the most amazing thing about Chateau St. Philippe. We have mountain ranges all around us. When it’s clear and you stand on the terraces, you can see Mont Blanc in the distance. There’s just so much green and beauty that changes with the seasons.”
— Chateau St. Philippe’s library
— Do you have a favorite room?
Charles: “When I give people tours through the chateau, they are amazed by every room. There’s not really a favourite one. In total, when you do the whole tour, you reflect back to the history of it and think about all the things that have gone on here.

I would say people are mostly in awe of the caves. It’s pretty amazing when you go down there. That is where the weddings and parties take place.”

— What are some of the other facilities at Chateau St. Philippe?
Charles: “We have the reception room, which can accommodate a large number of people, a theatre with about 650 movies to choose from which people love as well as a game room with a pool table, darts, a big screen TV and a bar.

The Salon, people like to gather there because it’s right beside the dining room which I would say is the most used room in the entire chateau.”
— Bedroom six
— What sort of services do you provide?
Charles: “The stay at Chateau St. Philippe includes breakfast every morning. Guests can pick any service from wine tours to cooking classes. We have a chateau chef who can come and cook dinners. We provide a concierge service to make it easier to facilitate whatever it is our guests want to do in terms of needing a tour guide or reservations somewhere.

As for our amenities, we offer a babysitting service, an onsite laundry facility, a fully equipped office, a translator, and many more. ”
— Bedroom eight
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