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Chianti Villa is managed by Luisa, the Owner.
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Chianti Villa roof pool - Chianti Villa, in Tuscany, Italy
— Luisa: “When my mother shows our guests around and tells them about the history of the villa, I can see how amazed and happy they are about what this place means to our family.”
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— Please tell us a bit about the history of the villa and your family.

Luisa: “The villa has been in our family for over 280 years. We have found written records of it in the Vatican archives that date back as early as 1059. Through the centuries it has consistently been mentioned, as on the 11th of June 1254 when a peace treaty was signed by the Florentine delegate Maestro Brunetto Latini, tutor of Dante Alighieri.

In 1555 the villa was incorporated into the Medici family possession. Later, the ownership passed on to the family of Golia, then to the family of Accarigi and then to our grandmother's family.

The final transformation of the villa happened around 1700 and added an Italian-style garden, statues and fountains as well as a long alley of cypress trees that still exist. In the entrance area are two columns left from that period as well.”
— Chianti Villa exterior

— To you personally, what is so special about Chianti Villa?

Luisa: “When my mother shows our guests around and tells them about the history of the villa, I can see how amazed and happy they are about what this place means to our family. This shows me how special it is.”
— Villa bedroom

— How would you describe the interior of the main villa?

Luisa: “The main villa is furnished very traditionally and gives our guests an idea of the warm and comfortable aristocratic way of living of the past. It is certainly a very special and unique atmosphere to be found in a holiday rental. It features a library, various sitting rooms, a dining room, a ballroom, a kitchen and a private garden and pool.”

— Please tell us a bit about the different holiday apartments on the estate.

Luisa: “Some of the different houses on the estate were once inhabited by the wine maker, the hunting master, the carpenter or the head farmer. They have now been transformed into comfortable and peaceful holiday apartments.

My personal favorite is ‘La Corte’ with its beautiful fireplace in the kitchen because I've been living there for four years before we started to rent it out to guests.”
— Chianti Villa roof pool

— What other facilities do you offer?

Luisa: “The grounds feature a vegetable garden where our guests can help themselves to anything they like, a pool, an old bowling court with enormous wooden bowls, a ping pong table and a working farm that still produces wine and olive oil.”
— Villa dining area

— What would you describe your philosophy?

Luisa: “If there is a philosophy, it is to share the history and lifestyle of past centuries with our guests.”

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