Istanbul Lofts is managed by Murat, the owner.
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Penthouse living area
— Murat: “I take care of the guests, giving them my private concierge service so it feels like visiting friends to them.”
Interview By: Welcome Beyond
— How would you describe your apartments in a nutshell?
Murat: “My sister is a famous designer and artist who lives in the basement floor. She designed the apartments like a museum with lots of hand-built objects and furniture. Each apartment is different and has a specific character. Whenever she designs something new, we put it in the apartments. So every month or two the design changes a bit.

I take care of the guests, giving them my private concierge service so it feels like visiting friends to them.”
— Penthouse living area
— What’s the philosophy behind your guesthouse?
Murat: “Our main target is making our guests happy so they leave the country with good memories. If you work like this, you become known by word of mouth. And I want to keep that quality.”
— Penthouse kitchen
— How did you end up renting out the apartments to guests?
Murat: “After the economic crisis of 2008, my sister’s friends who used to live in the apartments couldn’t afford the monthly rates any more, so they moved out. I told my sister not to look for new tenants because the design of the apartments was so unique and I wanted to turn it into a guesthouse.”

— Tell us a bit about the different apartments.
Murat: “The first floor has about 55 square meters and is very cozy, perfect for a single traveler. It doesn’t have a balcony, but it has big windows that look out onto my sister’s garden.

The second and third floors are about 70 square meters and have great balconies. The upper floor has a 35 square meter terrace, as well as a balcony.

All the apartments have small kitchens, WiFi and music players. The bedrooms are divided from the living areas by only a curtain, and there’s glass around the toilet area, so if you’re with an entire family you might not get enough privacy.”
— Penthouse living area
— To you personally, what’s so special about the apartments?
Murat: “I think it’s the location and the quality of the design. When we renovated the apartments, we used a lot of unique materials, like 100-year-old ceiling beams, or marble. If you had a hotel chain, you wouldn’t spend as much money as we did on one apartment. Our guests see that in every detail and respect that.”
— 2nd floor bedroom