Le Camp is managed by Sally, the Owner.
155 - 220/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Le Camp Woodland Yurt - Le Camp, in Midi-Pyrénées, France
— Sally: “A lot of people come here because they love the fact that it is a small business and not a big chain. It is just me and my husband who run Le Camp.”
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— What was your inspiration to open Le Camp?

Sally: “After 15 years in London, there was a desire to kind of do something a bit more wholesome and a bit different, to have a different lifestyle. My husband and I always wanted to work together, so that was a bit of an ambition. And there was a real love for tourism. We believed that you can create a holiday experience that is eco-friendly but is also very comfortable and luxurious. And that is what we have aimed to do here. So there was a degree of wanting to do that and just wanting desperately to do something that was different.

It was a real challenge at first, we were living in a small caravan on site for 12 months having left a really nice house. It was really challenging, but it was brilliant at the same time. I look back on that time with great affection because it was very exciting. We were here and it was all happening around us.”
Le Camp Woodland Yurt - Le Camp, in Midi-Pyrénées, France
— Le Camp Woodland Yurt

— What is the philosophy of Le Camp?

Sally: “Obviously camping is eco-friendly anyway, but a lot of people don’t want to just camp because it is not comfortable and it is not luxurious. What we try to do is to take an eco-holiday concept that makes it as luxurious as possible. And we have a real passion for kindness. A lot of people come here because they love the fact that it is a small business and not a big chain. It is just me and my husband who run Le Camp.

We built pretty much everything here ourselves, literally with our bare hands. And many times people would look at something and ask ‘Where did you get that from?’ And my husband will say, well actually I built it. And there is a little story to tell and I think people really like that. And we have gone to huge efforts and often greater cost and certainly greater efforts to make sure, that all we have built or bought is coming from local suppliers.”
Le Camp Woodland Yurt - Le Camp, in Midi-Pyrénées, France
— Le Camp Woodland Yurt

— Do you see any changes in your guests when they leave compared to when they arrived at Le Camp?

Sally: “It is amazing and it is so lovely to see when our guests arrive on the first day. They are all tired and stressed and a bit anxious. And it is just amazing how over the course of a week or two weeks while they are with us, you can just see them visibly relaxed and their true personality comes back. It is lovely spending time with people that are on holiday. And it is a stunning part of the world here. So full of nature, unspoiled — and I hope actually that is what they remember. That they have been able to stay in a place that is itself unspoiled, and that we haven’t spoiled it any more by having our camp here. That we have only kind of enhanced it rather than damaged or taken away from what is an amazing part of the world basically.”
 - Le Camp, in Midi-Pyrénées, France

— And that is how you would like your guests to remember their stay with you?

Sally: “Yes, and I think the other thing that I think most of them would say, is that they have the sort of holiday where they have been able to meet other people and spend time with other people when they wanted to. But they have also been able to have plenty of personal space because it is really quite a big piece of land and there are only 6 tents at Le Camp.”
Outside dining at Le Camp - Le Camp, in Midi-Pyrénées, France
— Outside dining at Le Camp

— What facilities are at Le Camp?

Sally: “We have built a kitchen for people to use. So every guest has a big kitchen space with a hob and a fridge and all the rest of it. So they can barbecue and self-cater to their heart's content. There is a shower house in the woods, which is a really beautiful wooden facility and there is a wet-room in another building. We also have a laundry room with a washing machine.

And there is a lovely room, which we call our ‘Snug’. Occasionally we serve breakfast in there. It also has games and books and it is quite cool during the day. So people can sit there in comfy seats and get a bit of shade during the day. There is also an iPod dock to play some music. It is great to just chill out and get a bit of space. And we provide all of the products needed for people to use in the kitchen. We provide everything like vinegar, oil, sugar, mustard etc. There is nothing more dreadful than having to buy all of that and only using a teaspoon and then throw it away when getting on the plane at the end.”
Showerhouse at Le Camp - Le Camp, in Midi-Pyrénées, France
— Showerhouse at Le Camp

— And Le Camp is really popular with kids as well?

Sally: “Because of our own experience, we have been able to create something that works for people with kids too. We know what it is like to travel with kids and how hard that can be. So we have all the kit and caboodle that you could possibly need for the kids here. We have got toys, changing facilities for babies and cots and potties and high chairs and all of that kind of stuff. And there is a swing, a playing area for the kids, all quite spread out so people can go to different parts of the site and do different things there if they want to. And certainly during the high season of July and August, we don’t have any couples without kids. In June and September, it is probably 50-50.”
Le Camp Giant Yurt - Le Camp, in Midi-Pyrénées, France
— Le Camp Giant Yurt
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