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— Ludovic: “The place is extremely scenic! I thought I would never again find such a beautiful place.”
Interview By: Welcome Beyond
— Please tell us a bit about the history of the village of Commeire.
Ludovic: “Until the second world war, there were around 70 inhabitants living autonomously and without money, producing their own food. Over the years, more and more young people left the village for work in the valley, so Commeire was almost completely abandoned.

I arrived here by chance as I wanted to go skiing in the Swiss Alps and I was really surprised by the beauty of the nature and all the potential of the village. The place is extremely scenic! I thought I would never again find such a beautiful place. And very quickly I had the opportunity to buy the first barn.”
— Barn
— And that’s how Montagne Alternative got started?
Ludovic: “At that time I wasn’t really sure yet what we would do. It took time to figure out. Initially I bought the barn for myself although I wasn’t sure whether I actually wanted to live there. It was more of a holiday house really. The energy of the place was riveting.

The first barn took me two years to renovate as I had no architect. It was a huge project and so much work. For the renovation of the barn I tried to respect the history of the place and worked very closely with the locals.

When we were finished we had the opportunity to buy another two barns. So that’s when the idea of Montagne Alternative slowly evolved. We hired a great architect to help us with the restoration and today we have five barns and will have a few more in the future.”
— Fireplace
— What was your inspiration to breath new life into the village?
Ludovic: “I came off a huge sabbatical and was at a time of my life where I wanted to create something completely different — and with time. The project was really encouraged by our wish to share a new way of living in the middle of nowhere to help people change their point of view. It’s a luxurious place, but it’s simple and pure. It’s timeless in respect to the history.

I could feel that the local community was behind the project. You need to be extremely lucky to find such a place, to be at the right spot, have the opportunity to buy a few barns and especially have the support of the local community. That was one of our main preoccupations. People have lived here for centuries and they would have to be happy with what we are doing. So it has all been done with a lot of social, cultural and historic respect.”

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities and services you offer.
Ludovic: “We have five barns at Montagne Alternative, each one with its own history and atmosphere. The largest is for up to 10 guests while our newest and smallest addition is for up to 4 guests. The barns can be rented in their entirety or on a per room basis, which is quite popular with many of our guests.

Each one is equipped with a nice kitchen in case our guests prefer to self-cater. However we also offer our ‘feel-at-home’ service, where breakfast and dinner are delivered to each barn and served in the dining room. Each meal is prepared using fresh and local produce. Unlimited access to a range of drinks and snacks is offered throughout the day, for guests to enjoy on the balcony or take on a walk. Local wine, carefully selected to accompany the evening dinner, is also included.”
— Terrace
— What would you describe to be the philosophy of Montagne Alternative?
Ludovic: “Sharing positive emotion and being reconnected. It is really a meeting place, you meet with new people, with nature, with yourself. It happens naturally here as there is no distraction. It purifies relationships.

We absolutely believe that it’s a social need for people, and a way of investing their time and money in a different kind of holiday — not only having fun. It’s more than that.

It is also about the respect for the local community of Commeire. We didn’t want to destroy what was already there and wanted to create the new without damaging the environment. Because we have 280 days of sunshine, we work with solar panels, we have installed turbines for the electricity and we use the local wood wherever and as much as possible. We wanted to keep things clean and simple throughout the process.”
— Bedroom
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