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Villa Metato pool - Villa Metato, in Umbria, Italy
— Margherita and Nick: “I don’t think it’s to everybody’s taste, but what you’re really buying into is a personal house. It’s not the idea that you’re staying in a hotel room. First and foremost, you’re staying in our home.”
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— What is the idea behind Villa Metato?

Margherita and Nick: “The whole idea was to enable busy people to get away from it all, to find a little bit of paradise or sanctuary in the middle of the countryside in a traditional Italian environment. I’m a Londoner and I know what it’s like when you work in a large city...

This area, which is called the Upper Tiber Valley is still unspoiled. When we bought the property in 2004, someone said that it was basically like living in the ‘70s. I think that really is true. It’s an area where one can come and sit in a restaurant where the only voices you hear are Italian. In Florence nowadays, you’re just swamped with tourists.”
— Villa Metato pool

— Please tell me a little bit about the villa.

Margherita and Nick: “The property was originally owned by a middle class farmer or a farmer of note. It is quite unique because it used to be an old barn which hasn’t been converted in the sense that it still has a very open plan feel about it. This is very difficult to find in this area and one of the things that drew me to the house.

It has beautiful, almost Norman rather than Roman arches, and all original flooring. There are no dates on most of the buildings here in this part of Umbria and nobody really has an exact date of when all the buildings were built, but there’s a stone on the wall of the guest house which says 1855.”
— Living area

— What was your inspiration to buy the property and open Villa Metato to guests?

Margherita and Nick: “I didn’t want to start an agriturismo or a larger hotel. The idea of the villa or the guest house is really for couples to come and enjoy the countryside, to find themselves again and to get away from their hectic lives.

We have this life nowadays where we rarely see our partners. We end up sleeping with them, but the amount of time we see them Monday through Friday is maybe three to four hours a day. I thought it would be nice to have an area where one can go relax and enjoy each other’s company.”

— The interior looks really beautiful. Why did you choose a mid-century style over a something more traditional?

Margherita and Nick: “I’ve been collecting modern furniture for 20, 30 years now. In the house there’s a prototype by Tom Dixon, some Eames chairs, a Scandinavian ‘60s teak table, little bits of Joe Colombo, some early pieces of Sir Terence Conran and an original poster from the first tour of the Sex Pistols. I think it’s a nice combination to mix and match between the very old and the contemporary. It complements one another.

I don’t think it’s to everybody’s taste, but what you’re really buying into is a personal house. It’s not the idea that you’re staying in a hotel room. First and foremost, you’re staying in our home. I think that’s what people like about it. It’s an extension of ourselves, our lives, what we’ve collected throughout our lives which we hope other people will enjoy.”
— Swimming pool

— Please tell me a bit about the facilities at Villa Metato.

Margherita and Nick: “There’s a stereo system throughout the house, providing music both upstairs and down, a DVD player and a very nice plasma television with surround sound. We also offer wifi, which is not all around the property at the moment, but hopefully will be soon.

There’s a private swimming pool and five hectares of land to walk around in. We have three gigantic fig trees and all our fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed when they’re in season. You can just pluck them off the trees and eat them.

We have a bocce court up in the woods — it’s the Italian equivalent of boules — barbecue areas, bicycles and a scooter. Last but not least the service my wife gives is second to none. It’s fantastic.”
— Sleeping area

— What would you describe to be the essence of Villa Metato?

Margherita and Nick: “I think it’s really a place for people to spend some time getting away from their existence, their lives, and maybe by doing so, they have an opportunity to rediscover themselves or just take some time out.

We would like to welcome people to stay in our home. We all know when we go to hotels that things don’t always turn out to be exactly the way you expect them to be. What we are trying to do is make sure that people get an opportunity to spend some time on their own to relax. We are there to help them for whatever they would like to do and to give them an opportunity to see what the real Italy is all about.”

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