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A Bela Aurora is managed by Massimo, the owner.
125 - 160/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Suite 3 - A Bela Aurora, in Porto, Portugal
— Paula and Massimo: “Our guests appreciate what we’ve done and the beauty of A Bela Aurora as a whole. They feel the authenticity of the place and the honest way we interact with our guests.”
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— How would you describe A Bela Aurora in a nutshell?

Paula and Massimo: “A Bela Aurora is a Guest House and a creative collaboration between architects, interior designers, and artists, centrally located in the beautiful city of Porto. This Arts and Crafts building from 1870 has five large bedrooms with high ceilings, pine wood flooring and wonderfully cosy, warm light. The house is set into Porto’s arts district, allowing guests to experience peaceful inspiration, yet still being close to the hustle and bustle of the city centre.”
Suite 3 - A Bela Aurora, in Porto, Portugal
— Suite 3

— Please tell us about the rooms of the B&B.

Paula and Massimo: “A Bela Aurora is a very large house built with granite walls. The floors are original, the ceilings three metres high and everything is very spacious. On five stories, we can accommodate couples as well as families with children.

Upon walking into the house on the ground floor, you are greeted by our reception area with an office and a creative space where I paint. At the end of the corridor you can look down into our 45-metre long garden with old trees and a private sitting area. Downstairs is the kitchen and a breakfast room with a long family table. Our bedrooms are spread out over the first, second, and third floor. Four of the rooms have balconies, some have garden views and others overlook the city. The high ceilings enable guests to really feel the space that surrounds them, and spread out within it. All the private bathrooms have walking showers except one which has a bathtub.”
 - A Bela Aurora, in Porto, Portugal

— Please tell us about the facilities and services offered at A Bela Aurora.

Paula and Massimo: “A healthy vegetarian breakfast with mainly organic foods is served daily in our breakfast room. Delicious homemade tarts, fresh juices, homemade jam, and a variety of fresh and dried fruits are part of the arrangement. Classical music or melodic Jazz will be played at a very low volume to assist in creating an uplifting ambience to start the day with.

The guest house has a big library with multi-lingual books, and in the living room a selection of organic teas, coffee, beer, and port wine are available for our guests. Our family comes from a line of port wine makers, which is why we can proudly serve a very good family port.

There is free Wi-Fi, guests will find a yoga mat in their rooms, and tablet computers are available on request. We live inside the same building and there is, of course, always someone available to help guests with whatever they need as well as to give recommendations of places to go and things to do.”
 - A Bela Aurora, in Porto, Portugal

— What was your inspiration to buy the house and refurbish it?

Paula and Massimo: “We do a lot of creative work, have travelled and lived in big cities as well as the countryside. Having had all those experiences has really helped us realize what’s important in life and how we want to spend our days. We had always wanted to have a guesthouse and now was the time to do it.

We found this house after seeing around 80 buildings in different parts of the country and totally fell in love with it. Porto was our first choice as we feel that it is probably one of the nicest cities in Europe. A very cool and easygoing city, the perfect mix of creativity and tradition in a nice way. After all, returning to Porto after 40 years of traveling and living all over the world was an interesting step in my life.”
Suite 2 - A Bela Aurora, in Porto, Portugal
— Suite 2

— How would you describe the architecture and interior design?

Paula and Massimo: “From all my travels I learned that there a only a few things I cannot be without, such as a table where I can draw and a small corner with good lighting where I can read. I also enjoy large bathrooms when I travel, so we tried to make this place exactly like we like to find it on our travels.

Everything at A Bela Aurora is high-quality craftsmanship. The architect Tiago Oudman, who also happens to be my son, worked with us on refurbishing the house. He was in charge of all the structural elements of the house, such as rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and so on. Also, all of the furniture was handmade and tailor-made for the hotel, apart from a few original family pieces, which were also hand-crafted, but 150 years ago.

The rooms were all designed using soft colours. We’ve found that when people travel, they’re usually touring all day. The idea was to have a place for guests to return to that provides a feeling of silence and peace to recover from absorbing information all day long.”
 - A Bela Aurora, in Porto, Portugal

— To you personally, what makes the B&B so special?

Paula and Massimo: “When you enter our guesthouse, one of the nicest things you feel is that it’s a very silent house, also spacious and light, and with an easy, simple feel to it. It’s not overcrowded with furniture and decorations, and is very elegant yet unpretentious. My experience from guest feedback is that they appreciate what we’ve done and the beauty of A Bela Aurora as a whole. They feel the authenticity of the place and the honest way we interact with our guests.”
 - A Bela Aurora, in Porto, Portugal
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