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Antonello Colonna Resort is managed by Antonello, the owner.
180 - 800/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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View from pool - Antonello Colonna Resort, in Rome, Italy
— Antonello: “We are on a lot of 50 acres and grow our own produce, so it’s very natural with a lot of fruit trees and fields. It’s all about good food and well-being.”
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— How would you describe Antonello Colonna Resort in a nutshell?

Antonello: “The resort is like a private house with great food and hospitality where guests can feel at home. I am a chef and I always wanted to create a hotel where food and hospitality are at the centre of everything. And it’s one of the best in Italy at that, I think.”
View from pool - Antonello Colonna Resort, in Rome, Italy
— View from pool

— Please tell us a bit about the hotel.

Antonello: “Antonello Colonna Resort is a small boutique hotel with just 12 rooms, of which there are 8 Deluxe Rooms with 40 sqm each, and 4 Grand Deluxe Rooms with 50 sqm.

Because we treat the hotel like a house, our guests are not restricted to staying in their rooms but are free to move around all the spaces of the hotel, including the dining room, the garden, the restaurant, the library, or the art gallery.

And we also offer perks like early morning check-in and late afternoon check-out, which is great for shorter stays.”
Lounge area - Antonello Colonna Resort, in Rome, Italy
— Lounge area

— Please tell us a bit about the food and the philosophy behind it.

Antonello: “The food is at the centre of our whole concept. We offer traditional Roman food, with a gourmet twist. We use our own products, so guests can see our chef picking the produce and then using it for dinner, for example.

We try to make the guests as comfortable as possible, so there are no schedules for meal times, including breakfast. Our restaurant never closes; guests have constant access to food.”
 - Antonello Colonna Resort, in Rome, Italy

— And you also offer cooking classes?

Antonello: “Of course. We offer very special cooking classes that we personalise for each guest. We use produce that the guest and the chef pick up together from local farmers’ markets.”
Antonello Colonna Resort - Antonello Colonna Resort, in Rome, Italy
— Antonello Colonna Resort

— Do you also have a spa area?

Antonello: “Yes. We have two pools, one indoor where guests can receive massages, and one outdoor on the roof. We also offer a Turkish bath, a Finnish sauna, aromatherapy, and things like that. We even have a jogging route on the premises for exercise.”
Restaurant - Antonello Colonna Resort, in Rome, Italy
— Restaurant

— Part of your hotel you are also using as a gallery?

Antonello: “We often have exhibitions connected to the design or the concept of the hotel, including photography or paintings. For example, we sometimes partner with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Macro, or with the Venice Biennale, which we also sponsor.”
 - Antonello Colonna Resort, in Rome, Italy
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