Audrey’s Farmhouse is managed by Sally, the innkeeper.
$205 - $280/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Audrey’s Farmhouse - Audrey’s Farmhouse, in Upstate New York, United States
— Sally: “The farmhouse exudes a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The house has an aura, which you will feel all around and throughout your stay.”
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— How would you describe Audrey’s Farmhouse in a nutshell?

Sally: “We’re a pet-friendly bed & breakfast in an old farmhouse in Hudson Valley, Upstate New York, which has been refurbished in a really chic, modern way. At Audrey’s Farmhouse you will experience a luxuriously comfortable country vacation, without having to leave your best friend at home.”
Audrey’s Farmhouse - Audrey’s Farmhouse, in Upstate New York, United States
— Audrey’s Farmhouse

— Please describe the layout of the B&B.

Sally: “The farmhouse and a detached studio cottage are located on five acres with lots of free space for the dogs to roam around with the entire property open and available for our guests to use. The house itself is from the 1700’s and was originally built for people that were smaller than we are today; therefore you sometimes have to watch your head and step when walking around the house. It’s a quirky house, but guests really seem to enjoy it.

Our guest rooms are spread out over two levels, with two rooms on the ground floor and the other three on the second floor. There is also an in-ground natural swimming pool that is open during the summer.”
Lounge - Audrey’s Farmhouse, in Upstate New York, United States
— Lounge

— Please tell us about the rooms at the B&B.

Sally: “There are five guest rooms at Audrey’s Farmhouse. Two rooms are to the right of the kitchen, off the dining area. The Cathedral Room is hidden away and offers a bit more privacy than all the other rooms. This room required the least amount of renovation and is my favorite of all of the rooms because of its vaulted ceilings and wooden beams.

The Suite is also on the ground floor and has its own private entrance through the garden, which makes it perfect for guests looking for a bit of solitude during their stay. This room has a small separate living room and a private bathroom with a shower as well as a claw foot tub.

The Woodstove, Pink and Charcoal Rooms are all on the second floor. Pink and Charcoal are next to each other, share a bathroom, and can be combined for families or groups traveling together.”
 - Audrey’s Farmhouse, in Upstate New York, United States

— Who should stay at Audrey’s Farmhouse and who should rather book something else?

Sally: “Audrey’s Farmhouse is a pet-friendly bed & breakfast, therefore we would recommend our guests to either bring their own dogs or at least enjoy having a number of dogs around.

The former owners had a very strict policy on children, but when we took over, we felt we wanted to be all-inclusive. We don’t promote it as the architecture and setup of this bed & breakfast might not be the ideal environment for all kids. However, if guests want to bring their children, they certainly can.”
Charcoal room - Audrey’s Farmhouse, in Upstate New York, United States
— Charcoal room

— Please tell us about the food.

Sally: “We offer a communal breakfast, which we serve on our massive 12-person dining table. As a two-person show, Doug makes breakfast and I make the baked goods.

Breakfast usually entails a rustic, country breakfast with slightly different iterations based on seasonal availability of foods at the market. For example, I’ll bake blueberry or banana bread and serve that with coffee. Then we might do a hash with roasted potatoes, a white bean and kale salad with a poached egg, and a cabbage slaw and more roasted vegetables.

Another day might be a big spread of waffles, yogurt and fresh fruit, or chicken or pork sausages, or bacon. We can adhere to dietary restrictions too and offer faux meat, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.”
Woodstove room - Audrey’s Farmhouse, in Upstate New York, United States
— Woodstove room

— Please tell us about other facilities and services offered.

Sally: “Our two large common areas, a dining room and a game room, are open for guests to enjoy. We have a swimming pool that is open during the summer and a hot tub that is open year round. There is also a s’mores station and we often do nightly bonfires.

For our guests we offer breakfast and keep snacks on hand. As we don’t have a liquor license, we do not serve alcohol, but guests are more than welcome to bring their own drinks and also use the kitchen when we aren’t using it for breakfast.

We can arrange pick-ups from the train station for those of our guests who don’t come to Hudson Valley by car. We can also take them to the hiking trailhead and pick them up after their hike.

Doug, our baby and I live in one of the cottages on the property so that we are here to tend to any needs that pop up.”
 - Audrey’s Farmhouse, in Upstate New York, United States
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