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Autor Rooms is managed by Magdalena, the owner.
343 - 966/night
Suitable for 1-4 people

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Autor Rooms lounge area - Autor Rooms, in Warsaw, Poland
— Magdalena: “We’ve received so many wonderful guests and we truly enjoy seeing how much they appreciate our creation of an informal apartment with the amenities and services of a boutique hotel.”
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— How would you describe Autor Rooms in a few words?

Magdalena: “Autor Rooms is a beautiful, small four-bedroom boutique hotel in Warsaw, Poland. The hotel offers a very private and personal atmosphere for guests who want to experience a unique hotel that reflects Warsaw’s passion and character.”
Autor Rooms lounge area - Autor Rooms, in Warsaw, Poland
— Autor Rooms lounge area

— What was the idea behind Autor Rooms and why did you decide to open your own small hotel?

Magdalena: “I have a graphic design company and therefore know a lot of people from the creative sector. When we realised that in Warsaw there really was no place for creatives like ourselves to come and visit, we decided to create such a place ourselves.

We found this very nice apartment in a unique pre-war building with really beautiful architecture. Seeing the house and the rooms we were inspired to bring in other creatives to help us invent Autor Rooms as a new concept of vacationing.”
Room 1777 - Autor Rooms, in Warsaw, Poland
— Room 1777

— What about the different authors that are behind the hotel’s interior design?

Magdalena: “Autor Rooms is a very creative place and since it was of the utmost importance to us to keep the design local, we sourced furniture by Polish designers like Comforty. This gives our vacation guests a very unique and authentic regional experience.

There were several authors in the design process, such as the architect Mateusz Baumiller who helped us with preserving the original layout of the apartments and also helped us to come up with clever ideas for bathroom designs and such.

We further invited Maria Jeglińska, an industrial designer, to design pieces inside the rooms like the mirrors, shelves, and door handles. She also designs glasses and jars, like the serving sets in the rooms.

The lighting at Autor Rooms was done by Ultra Lights, Beza Project made the blankets, and we also brought in original artwork from Galleria Starter, a gallery that features young artists.”
 - Autor Rooms, in Warsaw, Poland

— Can you tell us more about the rooms and facilities at the hotel?

Magdalena: “Autor Rooms is one big 200-square apartment that is on the first floor and divided up into four bedrooms. Each room has a bathroom with a shower. For our guests we provide local organic and all natural cosmetics and a bathrobe especially designed by a fashion designer.

WiFi is offered throughout the hotel but there is no TV. In the common room there’s a bar and a collection of vinyl records with Polish music and an iPod with other music.

We serve breakfast that our chef can personalise meals for guests, using fresh, local ingredients. We also have a very nice restaurant nearby where guests can order dinner or they can use the kitchen in the apartment if they prefer to cook themselves.”
Room 1410 - Autor Rooms, in Warsaw, Poland
— Room 1410

— Please tell us about the atmosphere at Autor Rooms.

Magdalena: “The luxurious design of the hotel was very important to us but our main goal was to create a comfortable and homey atmosphere. Therefore each of the bedrooms is very comfy, with great mattresses and luxurious bedding.

Our manager welcomes everybody personally and our concierge is available to provide recommendations on what to see and do in Warsaw. We would like our vacation guests to feel like they are staying at a friend’s house where they are well taken care of.”
Room 1777 - Autor Rooms, in Warsaw, Poland
— Room 1777

— To you personally, what is so special about staying at Autor Rooms?

Magdalena: “I think it is the atmosphere that really makes Autor Rooms special. It might not be for everybody, but if you are traveling alone, for example, it’s a good experience. It is a boutique hotel but has a very private atmosphere in which many of our guests start up friendships and also have the opportunity to meet real Polish artists by getting invited to gallery openings.”
 - Autor Rooms, in Warsaw, Poland
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