Bloom Organic B&B

  • Location: Beach / Coast
    Sunrise beach: 10 mins walking
    Kayaking the archipelago of small islands: 10 mins by car
    Salt Spring Island's Saturday Market: 12km (15 mins by car)
  • Vancouver Airport (YVR): 80km (2h 30 mins by car and ferry)
    Victoria Airport (YYJ): 45km (1h 30 mins by car and ferry)
    Car recommended
    Free parking
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An introduction to Bloom Organic B&B

How would you describe Bloom Organic B&B in a nutshell?

Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada, is an art community that is full of writers, scientists and inventors – the perfect location for Bloom Organic B+B. It is a place to reinvent oneself, take a deep breath and let your ideas blossom. There are only 2 suites; they offer yoga classes as well as courses on how to be more present in your life.

How did you end up moving to Salt Spring Island?

We were living a very urban life, a 15-minute walk from downtown Vancouver. We loved it, but it wasn’t appropriate for our children.

I had always worked as an artist and my company was a design company. Paul had established his credentials as a sculptor, so we needed art space. Salt Spring is an art community, so rather than starting an art community from scratch, we went where one already existed.

You can find an expert in any field within two phone calls on Salt Spring Island. There have been Nobel prize winners here, writers, inventors, and scientists. It has a wide breadth of people.

How did you came up with the idea to open a Bed and Breakfast?

I used to travel a lot for my previous company, so sometimes I would stay in hotels and sometimes I would stay in Bed and Breakfasts, and I never found either of them very satisfying. The hotels were either so impersonal, even the good hotels, and they imposed a kind of aesthetic upon me which I didn’t find comfortable. And I found most B&Bs to be so overwrought that I stopped going to them.

Family and friends were always staying with us to get away from Vancouver, so when our children grew up and left, we had this beautiful property we thought we should share with everybody. We wanted to create a space that was visually beautiful and the design sense was there but didn’t impose on somebody so it didn’t override their own imaginations; it could allow whatever they were working on in their heads to blossom.

What’s your philosophy Bloom Organic B&B?

Our core value at Bloom Organic B&B is to create a warm encompassing space that’s friendly, but doesn’t impose a visual tyranny on anybody. When we were working on it, I had people come through and they would take this big breath, and I could see them expanding, even when we were in construction.

Please tell us about the organic aspect of the B&B.

If you’re offering a place for people to reinvent themselves, you want that place to be clean in every way possible. It’s very quiet here, serene, so we also don’t want modern chemicals imposing on that. At Bloom Organic B&B, we have our own vegetable garden and try to live as organically as we can afford to.

My father is a Swedish pastry chef, and I grew up working in his bakery. His philosophy was to have the purest ingredients you could find. Being Swedish, that cuisine is based on butter, almonds, really good chocolate, sugar, lemon and freshness. My pastries aren’t as rich as his, and I personally don’t eat that way anymore, but we have a lot of apple trees, fig trees, pears and plum, and so I use that fresh fruit as much as possible.

We also have a local coffee roaster who offers all shade grown, fair trade coffee. We source really good organic yogurt, and I make our granola with organic ingredients and sweeten it with maple syrup. And Paul makes the bread.

What has been your biggest reward running the B&B?

The people we meet. The island is a filter that brings amazing people here. We enjoy sharing our place and showing them our work and art. People come here to spend their holidays and we see them unwinding. It really helps them find themselves.

Other people come here and see it as a place to get away and get things done. They’re editing books or working on projects, and they get a chance to develop what they haven’t had the time or the space to do that in. We’re excited to be a part of that process.

Bloom Organic B&B
Pond Suite
Pond Suite
Pond Suite
Orchard Suite
Orchard Suite
Pond Suite
Outdoor oven
B&B exterior and garden
B&B exterior and garden

Bloom Organic B&B rooms & rates

We have two bed and breakfast suites at Bloom Organic B&B. They can work as one, or individually for couples. One has a private patio for breakfast or people can meet up by the pond.

People come and think of this as a jumping-off point to explore Salt Spring Island, and then they announce they don’t want to go anywhere because what they actually needed was to be in the garden and have quiet.

We have eclectic libraries in each suite. Guests can take yoga classes. Paul also gives courses in being more present in your life by journaling or drawing.

  • Pond Suite for 2 people / 20 m²
    175 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom (ensuite)
    • 1 Kitchenette

    Located across from the pond and garden. The Pond Suite at Bloom Organic B&B has a private entrance and can accommodate two people. There is a queen-sized bed, a dressing room and a skylit bathroom.

    The small fridge in your room will be stocked with your choice of organic butter, milk & yogurt. For your use, there is a toaster oven, kettle, coffee grinder, french press, organic coffee, teapot and a variety of teas. We also provide home-made granola, bread and jam.

  • Orchard Suite for 2 people / 20 m²
    195 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom (ensuite)
    • 1 Kitchenette
    • Terrace

    Looking across to the orchard, the Orchard Suite at Bloom Organic B&B has a private entrance and accommodates two. There is a queen-sized bed and a sitting area opening up to a garden and private patio.

    The small fridge in your room will be stocked with your choice of organic butter, milk & yogurt. For your use, there is a toaster oven, kettle, coffee grinder, french press, organic coffee, teapot and a variety of teas. We also provide home-made granola, bread and jam.

Included in the rates
Rates include breakfast.
Children & Extra beds
Children are welcome.
Minimum stay
2 nights
Check in time
after 15:00
Check out time
before 11:00

Facilities & services

  • Children welcome
  • WiFi
  • Garden
  • Music system
  • Central heating

Things to do in British Columbia & Salt Spring Island

  • Wildlife / Animals
  • Yoga classes
  • Hiking
  • Sailing / Kayaking
  • Boat trips
  • Fishing

We have a studio tour that we do that involves 36 studios, everything from food, wineries, cheese makers, artisans and artists. People think it’s a small island and they only want to be here for a couple of days or they’ll get bored. But the second time they come, they come for a week, then they come for a month the next time. Some of them end up moving here.

There’s whale watching, biking, hiking, galleries to go to, music festivals, workshops, and we have an amazing documentary film festival on Salt Spring Island in March. It’s one of the best for its size in Canada, and even North America. So there’s people who come here to do all kinds of things.

We also have a lot of kayakers who stay with us because we’re 7 mins from some of the best kayaking in the Gulf Islands.

Bloom Organic B&B reviews

5 of 5 stars
Verfied Welcome Beyond stay
Such an idyllic and special place. Visiting this very special place was a true pleasure. It´s not easy to get there but once you have arrived, you will never forget this place. Rent a car and explore this wonderful island, before getting back to the Bloom Organic B&B and enjoy pure nature and silence. Stroll through the gallery and let your mind wander. The hosts are so lovely and I will come back one day for sure.
Sabrina K.
stayed at Bloom Organic B&B in May 2018
5 of 5 stars
Verfied Welcome Beyond stay
We had a superb experience, 5 out of 5. It”s a lovely, unique property with lots of privacy. The small touches made for a memorable stay – very nice bedlinens and comfortable beds, homemade yogurt, granola, and pastries each day, an honour box farmer”s market across the road, Paul”s hand drawn map of favorite kayaking and swimming spots, and various fruit trees in the orchard ripe for picking. Would definitely stay again!
Janine L. (Canada)
stayed at Bloom Organic B&B in August 2015

The location of Bloom Organic B&B

We have an archipelago of islands all around us, a marine park, and they’re all only about a 5-minute drive away. We also have a whole network of amazing hiking trails, and it’s only a 7-minute walk to the beach. We’re a 15-minute drive from the village, and it’s a lovely drive. It’s really fabulous here.

When is the best time to visit British Columbia?

We’re beautifully placed in terms of weather. People holiday here at all times.

In the winter, we’re not cold like the rest of the country. We rarely go below zero. It’s very mild here.

In the spring, it’s lovely. We have a very early spring, so we have people come and open the windows by the pond to hear the frogs in the evening. It’s sort of their spring opening of the year.

In the summertime, it’s fun. There are festivals and theatre. In March we have the film festival. We get a lot of people in the summer who come from Florida and Texas, from places where it gets very hot. Our summers here are cooler.