Brody House

  • Location: City
    Széchenyi Thermal Bath: 5km (15 mins by car)
    St Stephen‘s Basicilia and City Park: 2km (9 mins by car)
    Great Market Hall: In walking distance
    Brody Studios for arts events: 3km (12 mins by car)
  • Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport (BUD): 20km (30 mins by car)
    Airport transfer available on request
    Good public transport
    Free parking

If you‘re traveling with a large group, consider booking one of the floors or even the entire house.
Go to Brody Studios for arts and film events, and also for lunch or to try their delicious dinners.
Brody House almost feels like a historic Hungarian home that was turned into a creative mecca.
Just cross the street and visit the Hungarian National Museum for a shot of historical importance.

There is no elevator at the hotel but at least you‘ll get your workout in with all those stairs.
Concierge services are only available from 8am to 8pm, so plan your evenings out in town early.

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An introduction to Brody House

How would you describe Brody House in a nutshell?

Brody House is a quirky boutique hotel in Budapest‘s romantic Palace District. This stunning heritage building is a magical mix of slightly faded neo-classical aesthetics and cutting-edge modern character. 11 bedrooms and suites showcase works by local and international artists, each of them having had a big impact on the development of Brody House. Retro-chic comes to mind when exploring the house, with its massive doorways and sweeping staircases, combined with bare plaster walls, up-cycled and repurposed furniture, as well as contemporary pieces. With an excellent breakfast buffet and a delightful honesty bar, this is probably the most hip lodging in central Pest.

Brody House has a very rich history. Please tell us a bit about the house, the different proprietors and how it became a hub for creativity and the arts today.

Brody House sits in the ‘Palace Quarter’ in central Budapest next door to the former Parliament of Hungary. Once Parliament left, the house was reconfigured for a doctor and then a prime minister moved in. When communism kicked in after the war, the house was cut up into different units.

It was in a bad shape when we bought it and we opened up some of the rooms. While considering how to renovate it, we rented it out to our artist friends and promoted them through exhibitions. That was the start of the art side of things.

Today we also invite people to come here and be creative. Being a beacon to support that and providing a place where people can share ideas is something we thought the city needed.

Our renovations brought out the charm of the past and adding today’s world in terms of using the most out of the resources and being creative and smart with them. When you do that, you create this unique environment which people find inspiring.

What was your inspiration to turn it into a members’ club?

We would often find ourselves in the position of entertaining, so we thought we might as well have a more structured approach to it. That enabled us to not be the ones driving and doing, but to actually have people buy into the concept, allowing us to have more guests and creative inspiration rather than just the operation component.

It all started with our personal friends and people we like to see on a regular basis. That’s still very much the ethos - people who bring something to the table without being too brutal about it. That could be energy, entertainment, charm, great ideas, whatever. They bring something that enhances the experience for everybody else.

All the activities that we do at the club are about creative things – whether it be someone coming to do a little opera performance, or a new band playing, a new documentary film, a new art exhibition, whatever it may be. People who want to support that contribute to get involved.

All the rooms are styled individually featuring the work of Brody House’s artists. Did the artists do the complete interior design?

If the artists didn’t manage to pay their rent, they would give us some of their artwork. It was a way of getting them engaged so they feel they have a little bit of a stakeholding in the concept. It was all seen as positive and reinforcing, and it shows the integrity of the artistic nature of the project.

We have a design and renovation business that works on other properties as well. That team was responsible in terms of the features and the way in which we renovated each room. The artists would chip in when they had an idea, but it was under the directorship of our own team.

As for the furniture, a lot of it is being restored from flea markets, dumps, throw-out days. We’ve taken quite odd things that people wouldn’t necessarily think of using as furniture. That’s one of our core philosophies – one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. In places like Budapest, you really have to push that – make something new out of what you’ve already got.

Besides the rooms, do you also feature work from artists throughout Brody House?

Yes. There’s a club space. We use it for the promotion of creativity. We feature work of the Brody House artists, but also other artists who we think are interesting, have a story, and their art can potentially be suitable for putting up on the walls and using the space for promotion in some shape or form.

Part of the base of people we are friendly with are from London, the States, or wherever else, it gives them another reason to come and visit. Not just that the rooms are cool and funky, but there’s also a social and cultural experience that awaits, which may serve to make the city a more interesting experience. They get to meet fun people here, either visiting or locals, and it’s a reinforcing reason for people to come and hopefully revisit.

What would you describe to be the spirit or essence of Brody House and your philosophy?

There was an article written recently by a magazine called Think. One of the writers wrote that Brody House is a doorway as much as a house, a refuge to the higher mind and the creative spirit. We were quite surprised and flattered by that.

The spirit is about being open, open-minded, inclusive, welcoming, fresh thinking. It is integrity, fun, dynamism. Creativity is a massively overused word, but it is relevant. In the club space, for instance, guests can have conversations that don’t feel forced or artificial. That’s something which is gratifying to see.

What other things would you recommend to see or do while in the city?

The ruined pubs, they’re pretty unique. They’re old buildings that have been converted into pubs, big, sprawling pubs with little nooks and crannies, with eclectic furniture. They’re quite unique, a little shade of Berlin in those places.

Some might argue that actually some of those charming parts is what makes it a bit more raw and a much more interesting city than, say, Vienna, which is lovely to visit, but it’s a little bit Disneyfied. I’m sure there are many people in Budapest who would love Budapest to become more like Vienna, but there are others who would prefer not to go too far down that line so that it loses its soul, because it is a city that has soul.

To you personally, what has been most rewarding about running Brody House?

People are clearly a very important part. To give a very real example, we have a friend involved in a big film in Budapest. He’s very low key and cool and has some very serious actors involved in his film. He just casually brought them over to Brody House. The guests were there and they weren’t stargazing. It was all very low key.

It’s always interesting for people who are successful to meet other people who have achieved something in different walks of life, sectors, and spheres. The cross fertilization of one from another is something which is very rewarding.

How would you like your guests to remember their stay?

People who come to Brody House are surprised about how much they enjoyed their stay. Reading the comments in the guest book, they’re surprised about how charming Budapest was, as well as the house. So I think it is surprising people, which is really enjoyable. This isn’t the Four Seasons. You don’t have all the bells and whistles, but it’s a feeling people go away with.

Budapest has a lot to offer and we like Brody House being part of their unique experience. It’s a staging post for people to go out and grab those experiences. People go away feeling very happy and telling all their friends.

Double room
Double room
Double room
Double room
Double room
Brody House winter garden
Brody House piano room
Brody House drawing room
Brody House staircase
Brody House courtyard

Brody House rooms & rates

There was an article written recently by a magazine called Think. One of the writers wrote that Brody House is a doorway as much as a house, a refuge to the higher mind and the creative spirit. We were quite surprised and flattered by that. The spirit is about being open, inclusive, welcoming, and fresh thinking.

Brody House is one of four hospitality venues in Budapest, this one as the boutique hotel. There are single or double bedrooms, as well as studios and suites for up to 6 guests. It‘s a beautiful fin-de-siécle building that was turned into something more of a creative retreat rather than a normal hotel. There is an honesty bar in the hotel and also a club area where we host events but which can also be rented out to guests. The hotel shows an extensive curated art collection with each room representing a different artist who was important for the development and growth of the hotel. Brody Studio, one of the sister venues is where we host various arts events. You can also go there for lunch and dinner but will have to book a table.

  • Double room with bathtub 1 for 2 people / 33 m²
    140 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom (ensuite)
    • 1 Baby cot (on req.)
    • Air conditioning

    Featured artist & back story: Alex Tinei, encouraged by the founders, set up his first atelier in the house and was the first artist to start working here. He considers the move was instrumental to his professional career. Alex since has found success internationally and currently has an atelier at Brody Studios.

    33 sqm • Non-smoking room • Air conditioning • WiFi • King sized double/twin bed • Free standing gold painted bath • En-suite shower • Bath • Hair dryer • Towels/linen • Desk

  • Double room with bathtub 3 for 2 people / 30 m²
    140 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom (ensuite)
    • 1 Baby cot (on req.)
    • Air conditioning

    French artist, Ludo Thiriez, worked in Brody House and received valuable guidance from Etienne. Ludo works between Sao Paulo, Paris and Budapest and his (30 sqm) room features a free standing bath, separate shower, dressing table and clothes hanging space made from wooden off-cuts and a super king double bed that can also be configured as a twin.

    30 sqm • Non-smoking room • Free standing bath • Separate shower • Dressing table • Clothes hanging space • Super king double/twin bed • Air conditioning • WiFi • Hair dryer • Towels/linens • Desk

  • Double room with shower 1 for 2 people / 28 m²
    140 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Shower room (ensuite)
    • 1 Baby cot (on req.)
    • Air conditioning

    The history of Budapest’s art scene is intrinsically linked with famous photographers, such as Robert Capa, André Kertész and László Moholy-Nagy. The Photo Room emanates this tradition by featuring the work Christopher Everard, Tibor Papp and Attila Lóránt.

    28 sqm • Non-smoking room • Walk in shower/wet room • Super king double/twin bed • Air conditioning • WiFi • Hair dryer • Towels/linens • Desk

  • Double room with bathroom 1 for 2-3 people / 32 m²
    140 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom (ensuite)
    • 1 Sofabed (on req.)
    • 1 Baby cot (on req.)
    • Air conditioning

    Named after French artist, Etienne Claret de Fleurieu, this spacious (32 sqm) bedroom featuers an ensuite bathroom with shower/bath, super king double/twin bed and sofa bed for a third guest. Featured artist & back story: Etienne spent two years in Budapest living and working in the house. Among his collectors is French fashion designer Agnes B. Etienne currently resides in Brussels.

    32 sqm • Non-smoking room • En-suite bathroom • Shower/bath • Super king double/twin bed • Sofa bed for a third guest • Air conditioning • WiFi • Hair dryer • Towels/linens

  • Double room with shower 2 for 2 people / 22 m²
    140 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Shower room (ensuite)
    • 1 Baby cot (on req.)
    • Balcony
    • Air conditioning

    Featured artist & backstory: The artworks by Judit Navratil are mind-maps of different levels of consciousness. They compare the collective subconscious with the very personal stories and memories of a person - examining archetypes, network systems and the tiny miracles of nature.

    22 sqm • Non-smoking room • En-suite shower room • Balcony • Double/twin bed • Air conditioning • WiFi • Hair dryer • Towels/linens

  • Double room with bathroom 2 for 2 people / 30 m²
    140 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom (ensuite)
    • 1 Baby cot (on req.)
    • Air conditioning

    Featured Artist & Backstory: International artist and sculptor, Bo Droga (Australia) became friends with the founders while working in London. On each periodic trip to Budapest Bo creates and contributes a new piece of artwork for his room. Bo currently lives and works in Paris.

    30 sqm • Non-smoking room • En-suite shower/bath combo • Super king/twin bed • Air conditioning • Hair dryer • WiFi • Towels/linens • Desk

  • Double room with bathtub 2 for 2 people / 28 m²
    140 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom (ensuite)
    • 1 Baby cot (on req.)
    • Air conditioning

    Featured Artist & Backstory: Yan Yeresko from Belorussia was introduced to Brody House by Alex Tinei. Yan created the series displayed in the room at his atelier in Brody Studios and spends his time in between Minsk and Budapest.

    28 sqm • Air conditioning • Shower above large bath • Hair dryer • King bed

  • Mezzanine cabin room for 2 people / 12 m²
    85 / night


    • 1 Double bedroom
    • 1 Shower room (ensuite)
    • 1 Baby cot (on req.)
    • Air conditioning

    Featured Artist & Backstory: the room takes inspiration from Terence Conran’s musings on small spaces and utilises his ideas to make use of the innate architecture, resulting in a second level that stretches into the grand ceiling to house a double bed and a snug shower feature.

    12 sqm • Non-smoking room • Double bed • Air conditioning • WiFi • Hair dryer • Towels/linens

Included in the rates
Rates are per room and per night, include buffet breakfast, free WiFi, air conditioning, concierge services and housekeeping.
Optional extras
Services on request: event planning, bookings for several local clubs and numerous events, room service, and in-room spa services. Towel rental for Budapest‘s famous baths is EUR 3, late check-out is EUR 5 per hour, and a ’Fizz Bucket’ brought to your room with ice bucket and glasses is EUR 28.
Children & Extra beds
Children are welcome and cots are available for free. Extra beds available in some rooms only at EUR 35 per night.
Minimum stay
1 - 2 nights (check calendar for dates)
Check in time
after 14:00
Check out time
before 11:00

Facilities & services

  • Children welcome
  • WiFi
  • Maid service
  • Bar
  • Concierge service
  • Babysitting on request
  • Restaurant
  • Honesty bar/Minibar
  • Laundry service
  • Hair dryer

What we offer is being able to point you in the right direction and show you the best of what Budapest has to offer as an experience. If you want a massage, we’ll organize someone to come. If you want to go to a spa, we can recommend the best spa to go to. We don’t have our own restaurant, but a private chef with whom we work exclusively to organize meals. And breakfast is usually provided in the club area.

Our guests are given a temporary club membership during their stay. It’s a somewhat hippy community concept in so far as people are welcome to borrow books, music, DVDs, and there is an honesty bar as well. It has a smart, private home feel. Members may also use the club area for the purpose of hosting their own things. The best you can do with Brody House is to book the whole thing as a group and have it as your own house for the weekend, have your own dinner party there, and use the club rooms.

Things to do in Budapest

  • Art / Culture
  • Shopping / Markets
  • Night life
  • Horseback riding
  • Boat trips

The city is very enjoyable to walk around and explore by foot. It’s not so much about going and doing one thing in particular, it’s about experiencing the city, going to a café, and enjoying the spaces as you walk through them. The city needs to be explored. It’s always developing and you need to have that adventure to find the funky, cool, little art shop that just opened, or the new retro clothes shop. They do have the big brands here, but you come here to eke out and discover little hidden gems.

Things like the opera and the market, and walking up Gellért Hill are probably in most of the guide books, but they’re well worth it. Walking from Brody House, around the museum garden, and then down the newly constructed boulevard, across the bridge, up the hill and then down, that’s a wonderful walk. There aren’t many walks in many cities where you can get so many elements that are charming. The view from Gellért Hill is superb. The walk down is quite invigorating and makes you feel you’ve earned your strudel or goulash.

Brody House reviews

4 of 5 stars
Verfied Welcome Beyond stay
Really good stay and really good location. The rooms are amazing. However, a little deceptive breakfast and lots of stairs!
Délizia B. (France)
stayed at Brody House in July 2016
5 of 5 stars
Verfied Welcome Beyond stay
Dear Welcome Beyond, it was great experience and I was very glad I've heard for you and Brody House before. I could confirm booking, the staff was very friendly and helpfull and provided me with all the necessary informations. We were staying in Brody House Apartments since the Brody House was full. I would rate it with 4.5.
Mateja S. (Slovenia)
stayed at Brody House in January 1970

The location of Brody House

Brody House sits in the ‘Palace Quarter’ in central Budapest next door to the former Parliament of Hungary. The boutique hotel is within walking distance to most attractions Budapest has to offer. Even though it’s a city trying to recover from a faded glory, the beautiful architecture is still very prominent.

When you stand on one of those beautifully restored bridges where the Danube cuts gracefully and someone says this is the center of Europe, you could believe them. It has that elegance and that presence. The things which probably don’t get as much publicity are some of the museums, green areas, parks and squares which have been improved as time goes on. Some of them are very sweet, some a bit shabby. If you half close your eyes, you can imagine how the city would have been 100 years ago, extremely attractive and highly sophisticated. It still is, but it’s a bit faded. If you’re willing to overlook some of the more immediate, superficial things, it’s a phenomenally beautiful city.

When is the best time to visit Budapest?

Budapest is really a year-round destination. Of course, it does get quite cold during the winter months. But the bonus during that time is that there will less tourists around. During summer there is lots to do outside, so if you really want to explore the city and get to know Budapest, you should come visit Brody House when it is warm outside.