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Brücke 49 is managed by Thomas, the owner.
CHF200 - CHF450/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Brücke 49, Lounge area - Brücke 49, in Graubünden, Switzerland
— Thomas: “This incredible setting is mixed with high-end design. Guests can feel as though all their troubles are left behind because everything is like it should be, the world is a good place here.”
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— How would you describe Brücke 49 in a nutshell?

Thomas: “Brücke 49 is a one-of-a-kind private retreat in the high Alps of Switzerland. It is a reinvention of how modern international travelers can find themselves at home in the mountains.

Brücke 49 does not have guests in the traditional sense. We have likeminded people from all over the world meeting at the breakfast table exchanging ideas and inspiring thoughts.

Brücke 49 is a luxurious and comfortable house in Vals close to the world famous Therme Vals build by Pritzker Price winner Peter Zumthor. An absolute must-see for any ambitious architect or creative person.”
Brücke 49, Lounge area - Brücke 49, in Graubünden, Switzerland
— Brücke 49, Lounge area

— Please describe the layout of Brücke 49.

Thomas: “Brücke 49 can be almost whatever you want it to be to fit your needs for a perfect holiday — a creative get-together, a short stay for hiking in the mountains, a pension, a holiday home for a week with your loved ones.

The house is symmetrical with the original staircase in the middle leading from the entrance on the ground-level to the spacious and comfortable living room, kitchen and library from where you can walk out into the garden with a fantastic view over the Rhein river, the Valser village and towards the surrounding mountains.

Half a flight up you’ll find the après ski or hiking area with a fireplace and cosy chairs.

On the second floor is the suite, which takes up the whole length of the house with a stylish living room featuring an original stone fireplace and a spacious bedroom.

Continuing up the stairs you’ll arrive at the top floor with two rooms named after the Tomül mountain pass and Zervreila mountain visible from the rooms.”
Suite - Brücke 49, in Graubünden, Switzerland
— Suite

— Please tell us about the rooms in Brücke 49

Thomas: “There are three guestrooms and one suite at Brücke 49 with always two of them sharing a bathroom. One flight up from the first floor brings you to the smallest room, which has a balcony facing south with spectacular mountain views. On the same floor is the suite. It has quite a big bedroom, a small living area, and a stone oven from the 1940s that is still used to heat the room. The suite and smaller guestroom share the bathroom on that floor, which was made by Jaime Hayon, a Spanish designer.

The top floor of the house has two big rooms that share a large bathroom. The view from up there is spectacular.”
 - Brücke 49, in Graubünden, Switzerland

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Brücke 49?

Thomas: “At Brücke 49 you will be moved, touched and inspired. The atmosphere is like arriving in a place that gives you the same comfort and wellbeing as your home.

We want Brücke 49 to be welcoming and open so that our guests feel like they are spending time with good friends at someone’s home, making it a unique experience for all of them.

It is very important for us to meet everyone as equals instead of as hosts and guests. Just as if we were old friends, we take an interest in how our guests feel, introduce them to the house and region, talk about the experience they want to have and help them with reservations. The minute you arrive you should start enjoying and relaxing.

Trust plays a big role. We don’t charge our guests for changes or cancellations unless it’s the same day or day before their arrival. We allow them to use the house any time, they don’t have to wait to be served or ask anybody what they want. At Brücke 49 we want to enable a lot of freedom compared to a hotel.”
Breakfast - Brücke 49, in Graubünden, Switzerland
— Breakfast

— Please tell us about other facilities and services offered.

Thomas: “We have high-speed internet and all the amenities typical of a luxury bed & breakfast. We can always provide recommendations for a number of restaurants just 50 meters from us on the other side of the river. In Therme Vals guests can visit a 2 Michelin Star restaurant and other higher end restaurants like the Red Room, where they prepare a fantastic steak.

We also love to send people up to a very small restaurant in Leis that hangs on a cliff. The food is all local and it’s fantastic. We like going there as well as it really is an experience to take the one hour walk up there. In winter, people can take a sledge down if they want to.”
Valser room - Brücke 49, in Graubünden, Switzerland
— Valser room

— Please tell us about breakfast.

Thomas: “We serve a locally sourced breakfast that differs every day. We bake our own bread and offer all kinds of homemade breakfast foods, including jam with berries from our own garden, granola, muesli, and fruit salads. There is also local milk, yogurt, honey, sausages and cheese. Guests can request eggs prepared in any style they want, as well as tea and coffee. And guests can help themselves to drinks throughout the day.”
 - Brücke 49, in Graubünden, Switzerland
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