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Bunker is managed by Thomas, the owner.
250 - 300/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Bunker bedroom - Bunker, in Hamburg, Germany
— Thomas: “When we found the bunker it was a complete mess. It needed a lot of phantasy and ideas to imagine what it could be like.”
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— How would you describe the Bunker in a nutshell?

Thomas: “The Bunker is raw and sophisticated. It is a luxury, loft-style designer apartment rental on the 4th floor of a former bunker only 15 minutes from the centre of Hamburg, Germany. The bunker is a historic place, which was built to protect the children’s hospital across the street during the war. We converted the entire floor into an apartment with two big balconies offering amazing views over Hamburg.”
Bunker bedroom - Bunker, in Hamburg, Germany
— Bunker bedroom

— How would you describe the atmosphere inside the apartment?

Thomas: “It’s raw but warm and sophisticated at the same time. Concrete has this fantastic quality in that it can be very raw but at the same time very elegant. We added furniture in a style that adds warmth and texture to the apartment.

Inside the apartment it feels incredibly uplifting. I always feel very safe and at rest here. The walls are thick, 1.5 meters of solid concrete so it’s very quiet, calm and simple inside. I don’t know if freedom is the right word, but your moods will definitely be lifted because you are inspired by what you see. It’s a place of joy and amazement with a wonderful view.

There’s a huge generator in the basement, which of course is not operational, but it is renovated so guests can view it. There are places in the bunker where you get a wave of history.”
Bathroom - Bunker, in Hamburg, Germany
— Bathroom

— Please describe the holiday rental and the rooms.

Thomas: “We stripped the whole top floor of the bunker and made the apartment open like a New York loft with four meters from floor to ceiling.

The minute you open the door of the apartment, you see the view over Hamburg. There are two big balconies – about 15 square meters each – to enjoy a drink in the evening. You can actually see the new opera house ‘Elbphilharmonie’, the churches, and the cranes of the harbor. It’s fantastic to sit on the balcony and enjoy the view.

Inside we have a Bulthaup kitchen, which opens up towards the living area with a Saarinen table, some Danish swan chairs from Arne Jacobsen and a sofa from Cassina. The living area is separated by a glass door from the bedroom and bathroom.”
 - Bunker, in Hamburg, Germany

— How would you describe the interior design?

Thomas: “It is contemporary design that meets the everlasting concrete. The interior is very personal and with attention to every detail. It is clutter free, simple, honest and of the best materials, like bronze, wood, pure linen, and solid marble.”
Lounge area - Bunker, in Hamburg, Germany
— Lounge area

— What other services and facilities do you offer your holiday guests?

Thomas: “We offer a welcome pack with the basics which will get our guests going so they don’t have a completely empty fridge. This includes items to have a nice breakfast for the first couple of mornings, until they’re into the rhythm of the place and can buy something from the local shops.

People will also be able to make requests for us to stock particular items before they arrive, like champagne or wine. We can provide a menu of recommendations and take care of reservations and such. The idea is to take care of the guests the moment they book the apartment. We’ll ask them for their requirements so that it is easy for them to arrive. We create the framework for them to have a good time.”
Lounge and kitchen - Bunker, in Hamburg, Germany
— Lounge and kitchen

— What sort of guests is the Hochbunker perfect for?

Thomas: “The Bunker only sleeps two persons.

It is a great place for executives and business travellers who don’t want to stay in a hotel all the time. Here they can have their own private home in Hamburg during their stay.

And of course it is the perfect place for couples who want the time of their life in Hamburg!”
View over Hamburg - Bunker, in Hamburg, Germany
— View over Hamburg
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