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Ca’ Marcello Barchessa is managed by Count Jacopo, Owner and director at Ca' Marcello.
400 - 600/night
Suitable for 8-9 people

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Ca’ Marcello estate - Ca’ Marcello Barchessa, in Veneto, Italy
— Count Jacopo: “Knowing that the tradition goes back in the family more or less for 5 centuries, it’s obviously an honour for me to be able to maintain it through the years in perfect shape.”
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— Please tell me about the history of the estate and your family.

Count Jacopo: “The property here is one of the five properties that are still owned by the family. Half of the family still lives in Venice and the other half in the mainland nowadays. And this is one of the villas we still have. It is private, but we offer this one unit for visitors and tourists who would like to spend some time in the countryside in a beautiful setting like this.

The story goes back a long time. The family is basically a military family. We had two doges — two chiefs of the Republic of Venice — the last one was in 1473, and a lot of other generals and admirals. We also had a chief of the fleet, who was involved in several important battles and moments in history.

As far as we know, the house was built between 1500 and 1530 in the middle of the renaissance period by a Marcello member. It has then been owned by a Greek banker’s family between 1725 and 1849 before it came back to a Marcello member again. So this is the quick story.”
Ca’ Marcello estate - Ca’ Marcello Barchessa, in Veneto, Italy
— Ca’ Marcello estate

— Since when are you renting the Barchessa Apartment?

Count Jacopo: “The Barchessa Apartment was restored in 2004, complementing original furnishings with new furnishings. All the furniture for this house has been produced, or built and designed, between 1720 and 1780, so when we talk about original furniture, we talk about that period. Air conditioning is present in every bedroom with independent climate control for every room. The final stage of the project is to be able to offer contemporary services and equipment for what guests need nowadays, but matching it with ancient objects d'art and furnishings.”
Ca’ Marcello gardens - Ca’ Marcello Barchessa, in Veneto, Italy
— Ca’ Marcello gardens

— What is your philosophy at the Barchessa Apartment?

Count Jacopo: “The philosophy of what we offer here is basically a self-catering apartment with some services on top. Guests can choose from a sort of menu what they want. There’s a private chef available if they want to be served lunch or dinner. I help organize private visits to Venice, Verona or other interesting places in the area. I can manage private boats in Venice, or tickets and so on. So guests can be totally independent or they can ask for the additional services offered here.”
 - Ca’ Marcello Barchessa, in Veneto, Italy

— Tell me a little bit about the architecture of the residence. I read that it’s very typical for Palladian style.

Count Jacopo: “Yeah, it’s a Palladian-style villa. It was built in the same year that Andrea Palladio, the great architect, was working in the area. This villa is not designed by Palladio himself, but it has all the principles Palladio applied to his projects. We don't know the original architect because all the documents and all the family archives about this villa were burned in a fire that occurred 1920 in another family villa.

Talking about the architecture and the artistic value of the house, it has a main palazzo in the middle surrounded by two arcaded wings that were used as a farm in the beginning. All Venetian villas built between 1500 and 1700 were used as refined houses, but also as farms. The farming activity has been moved to a new farm in the last decade of the 19th century, so the house has been turned into a private place and lived in all year long as it is today.”
Cooking class - Ca’ Marcello Barchessa, in Veneto, Italy
— Cooking class

— Do you offer guests in the Barchessa Apartment the possibility to visit the main property as well?

Count Jacopo: “As we usually accept only weekly rentals from Saturday to Saturday, our guests normally choose one day during their stay to have a private visit of the main house where we live, to see the fresco paintings or the plasterworks, and all the objects d’art of our private collection inside. We usually end the visit with a cocktail or a drink together, so we can talk a little bit to each other and they can get into the lifestyle that we have here and understand what it's like living in a place like this.”
Dining room - Ca’ Marcello Barchessa, in Veneto, Italy
— Dining room

— What is it like to live in a place like this?

Count Jacopo: “Well actually to me, it's just home. I don’t find anything special. It is a special place, but for me it’s home first of all. Well, space is not one of our problems. We’re three people living in a 9.000 square metre house. There are also 18 acres of ancient park around. Obviously, we are used to these big spaces. Besides that, I feel the responsibility to maintain this place not only because of its economic value, but knowing that the tradition goes back in the family more or less for 5 centuries, it’s obviously an honour for me to be able to maintain it through the years in perfect shape.

This is our commitment and what our life is based on — and obviously, making it more accessible to other people to understand and enjoy this passion and love with us.”
 - Ca’ Marcello Barchessa, in Veneto, Italy
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