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Canvas Hotel is managed by Jan, the Owner.
Suitable for 2-4 people

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By the lake - Canvas Hotel, in Southern Norway, Norway
— Jan: “We are located in the southern part of Norway. It’s a very special area in Norway, because there’s such a thin layer of soil here that it’s basically a very big area of rock. It’s perfect for biking.”
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— Please tell us how Canvas Hotel started.

Jan: “My friend Jan and I have been biking in the woods for quite a few years. We have always talked about creating a place for mountain biking we’d want to go to ourselves.

We were looking for the best spot in southern Norway and found the owner of a property who was into mountain biking as well. We didn’t want to destroy the wilderness, so that’s how the idea of the yurts arose. They fit perfectly.”
By the lake - Canvas Hotel, in Southern Norway, Norway
— By the lake

— Canvas Hotel is designed around different mountain biking tours, isn’t it?

Jan: “Yes. It’s about the contrast between doing the activities and relaxing round the yurts, enjoying the sauna or eating a good meal. We believe you will get the best accommodation available, but you have to earn it.

We have small routes ranging from about half an hour to two hours, and we have the big routes which are seven hours. In Norway, you are by law allowed access anywhere in the forest, so it’s very easy to get on a bike and go wherever you want.

Our groups have one guide per 5-7 guests and we offer special training programs as well. There are all kinds of difficulty levels to accommodate anyone from beginner to experienced rider. We tailor-make every stay.”
Sauna yurt - Canvas Hotel, in Southern Norway, Norway
— Sauna yurt

— What’s a typical day like at the hotel?

Jan: “We have breakfast, like eggs and bacon and pancakes, and then we are on our bikes for a few hours. Then we go back to the hotel and eat lunch. Depending on how eager people are, some go off on a new trip, others stay at the hotel and read books and listen to the birds. On the long trips, the guide prepares a meal on an open fire.

When you arrive at the yurts after a good day of biking, you generally go directly into the sauna. We have also French vintage bathtubs that you can put wherever you want to. People really enjoy that.”
Canvas Hotel by the lake - Canvas Hotel, in Southern Norway, Norway
— Canvas Hotel by the lake

— Tell us a bit about the yurts and the facilities you offer.

Jan: “The yurts are standing on posts, and some are partly out over the water. They have wooden platforms and each has its own wood-burning stove. They are insulated with a layer of wool with canvas on the outside. They stay quite cozy and warm and are made of all natural materials.”
Mountain biking - Canvas Hotel, in Southern Norway, Norway
— Mountain biking

— Is Canvas Hotel open throughout the entire year?

Jan: “We close for winter on the first of November. When the snow is coming soon, it means the party’s over. We start up again around the first of May.”
 - Canvas Hotel, in Southern Norway, Norway
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