Casa Encanto is managed by Sylvie, Interior designer.
$350 - $500/night
Suitable for up to 8 people

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Casa Encanto living area - Casa Encanto, in Baja California, Mexico
— Sylvie: “Start the day with yoga, go to the beach to surf or swim, have lunch there, then come back to Casa Encanto to take a nap in a hammock or read a book. I could stay here a month and not get bored...”
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— What was your inspiration to build Casa Encanto in Todos los Santos?

Sylvie: “I kept hearing about this village Todos los Santos in Mexico in many conversations, so I checked it out to see what it was like. I don’t know why I bought land there because I didn’t know anybody, but it has a really special feeling. It’s right under the Tropic of Cancer, so it has a strong energy about it. I stayed three days and left having bought this piece of land.

It’s an hour away from Cabo San Lucas, which can be really hot. But here it’s like a micro climate. It’s never too hot or too cold, it’s the perfect temperature.”
Casa Encanto living area - Casa Encanto, in Baja California, Mexico
— Casa Encanto living area

— When you bought the land, did you already know what you wanted to do with it?

Sylvie: “Actually, I started building on it two years after I had bought the land because I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I was considering doing more of a Greek style house, but then it started to become more like a hacienda with some Moroccan styling.

I liked all those different styles, but decided to do the main room and bedroom only first, adding other rooms later. And I can still add rooms because there’s plenty of space, but four bedrooms is enough for now.

The size and layout of the villa are nice for groups or families renting out the place. They all have their own privacy but are also able to hang out in the main room together.”
 - Casa Encanto, in Baja California, Mexico

— Tell us a bit about the interior design of your vacation villa.

Sylvie: “When I was building the villa, I was tearing pages from decoration magazines like Marie Claire House and Architectural Digest, and putting them all together, getting ideas here and there. The house has a lot of Mexican details, but also Balinese, Moroccan, and even Greek and Spanish. It’s a mixture with a very casual, laid-back feeling, but it’s also very personal. The house was not designed as a vacation rental, but for me personally.

The ‘style’ is just a reflection of my personality. It’s just things I like. I would call it Bohemian chic, if you like. The house was published in a German decoration magazine called Living just last year.

Most of the furniture is built-in. There’s a couch in the living room, the kitchen counter, the beds, all of which are made of cement with custom-made pillows and mattresses on them.”
 - Casa Encanto, in Baja California, Mexico

— Tell us a bit about the hacienda.

Sylvie: “The land is five acres and used to be a plantation of mangos, avocados and sugar cane. There are also cocoa and orange trees.

The villa was built six years ago and is composed of five different buildings, so every room is a separate building. The main building is a living room, kitchen and dining room under a palapa roof — a palm leaf roof. It has a very high ceiling with a sunken couch and windows all around.

The four bedrooms are all separate. The master has its own private bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower. On a little path further down are two other guest rooms that share a bathroom. One of the rooms has a king-sized bed and the other two queen beds. Then the fourth bedroom sits by the pool. It’s small with a queen-sized bed.

We also have a caretaker at the house. The caretaker manages the property and shows the guests around. He’s also an experienced chef.”
Casa Encanto terrace - Casa Encanto, in Baja California, Mexico
— Casa Encanto terrace

— What other facilities are there at Casa Encanto?

Sylvie: “We have a 15-meter-long lap pool at the villa, good for swimming. There are a couple of TVs, one in the master bedroom, but you can only watch movies.

Otherwise, it’s kind of wild with lots of fruit trees. The beach is a 10-minute walk away and is perfect for surfing. There are three other beaches that you can also swim at that are about five minutes to drive to.”
Pool and bedroom - Casa Encanto, in Baja California, Mexico
— Pool and bedroom
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