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Casa Modesta is managed by Carlos, the owner.
140 - 220/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Casa Modesta - Casa Modesta, in Algarve, Portugal
— Carlos: “Casa Modesta is right in the centre of Ria Formosa Natural Park and only 50 meters from the sea.”
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— How would you describe Casa Modesta in a nutshell?

Carlos: “Casa Modesta is a former family home on the Portuguese Algarve. The house’s traditional architecture was reinterpreted in a modern way and recently turned into a small luxury hotel with nine individual suites.”
Casa Modesta - Casa Modesta, in Algarve, Portugal
— Casa Modesta

— What was your inspiration to turn Casa Modesta into a hotel?

Carlos: “The idea behind opening Casa Modesta as a boutique hotel was to share our experiences and the love for this house. Through its visitors the house and our memories of it are being reawakened and our sense of family is renewed with every guest who comes to stay with us.”
Casa Modesta pool - Casa Modesta, in Algarve, Portugal
— Casa Modesta pool

— How would you describe the architecture and atmosphere?

Carlos: “While restructuring the house we respected the original architecture and design of Casa Modesta and decided to only work with local artisan’s materials. The outcome really is a project of my sister’s traditional constructive knowledge and architectural culture.

The atmosphere at the hotel is about offering a sense of local culture to our holiday guests. All the materials and foods are sourced locally and we even have our own small organic vegetable garden. We offer home-style cooking, which is prepared for the guests but we also do show cooking where guests can participate.”
 - Casa Modesta, in Algarve, Portugal

— Please tell us more about the rooms and facilities at the hotel.

Carlos: “There are two buildings, one with four rooms on the first floor and a common patio, and one room in the back of the building, and the other building with four rooms as well. There are a total of nine suites with private bathrooms and terraces divided up into three types of rooms: the standard room, larger rooms, and two rooms with bathtubs, which are connected by a small kitchenette. All rooms but one have sea views.

As far as our other facilities go, we have a pool for guests to enjoy, bicycles are included in the room rates, and there are boat trips available.”
Casa Modesta - Casa Modesta, in Algarve, Portugal
— Casa Modesta

— To you personally, what’s so special about staying at Casa Modesta?

Carlos: “I really enjoy being able to show our guests part of the local culture and its people. Staying here is not for everyone, Casa Modesta is in a remote location and rather quiet. There is no city nearby, only smaller markets. It is a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere for families and couples to enjoy. In my opinion, this peace and quiet is an extremely luxurious commodity, which cannot be found in too many locations around the world.”
Bedroom - Casa Modesta, in Algarve, Portugal
— Bedroom
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