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Casa Port is managed by Anke, Architect.
201 - 241/night
Suitable for up to 4 people

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 until end of October 2017 

View of Sóller from Casa Port - Casa Port, in Mallorca, Spain
— Anke: “On a windy night you can hear the sailing boats when the wind blows through their ropes. But what I like most is that you can smell the salty sea water and the fisher nets drying in the sun.”
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— How would you describe your vacation home in a nutshell?

Anke: “Casa Port is cosy vacation home in Port Soller on the island of Mallorca where you’ll immediately feel at home. The house has a very light atmosphere and plenty of daylight coming in through the patio in the center of the house. The patio is really the heart of the house and gives it a special touch, almost a little Moroccan. The rest of the house is a contemporary mix of traditional Spanish materials and modern and vintage furniture.”
View of Sóller from Casa Port - Casa Port, in Mallorca, Spain
— View of Sóller from Casa Port

— What was your inspiration to renovate Casa Port and offer it as a vacation rental?

Anke: “We always liked this old fishermen quarter of Port Soller, and when we looked for houses to buy we immediately knew that this one had the most potential. We loved the spacious ground floor with its high ceiling and since we live in Soller ourselves, we wanted to share this beautiful house with our family, friends and vacation guests.”
Bedroom - Casa Port, in Mallorca, Spain
— Bedroom

— Please tell us a bit about the history of Casa Port and the interior design.

Anke: “The house itself was built two centuries ago and in the sixties it was adapted to the needs of its owners back then, so we had to reorganise the layout but we didn’t want to change the outer appearance of it.

Inside, we used some of the original elements like the old tiles or the cast iron stove in a new spot and context. Other elements like the stairs, beds, kitchen or the railing where custom made by local craftsmen. I spent more than a year visiting many local dealers and flea markets to buy the vintage furniture for the house – always with an overall idea of the styling I wanted to create in mind.”
 - Casa Port, in Mallorca, Spain

— How would you describe the atmosphere inside the vacation home?

Anke: “Inside the house it is very easy to feel welcome because the mixture of the old and the new makes the entire place interesting and personal. You get the idea that we designed the house for our friends and without any commercial touch of a typical vacation rental to it. Since all spaces are quite small but well proportioned, it feels cosy and light at the same time. And the views from the roof terrace are fantastic at any time of the day.”
Casa Port roof terrace - Casa Port, in Mallorca, Spain
— Casa Port roof terrace

— Please tell us a bit more about Casa Port, its rooms and facilities.

Anke: “Case Port is built around the patio, consisting of an old stone part, two small annexes and a back part, where the roof terrace sits above the two-story house.

In the old part you have the dining and living room and two double bedrooms on the second floor sleeping up to 4 guests. The newly built annexes have two bathrooms and the kitchen. All up to today’s comfort with air-conditioning and underfloor heating but also with traces of its history like the old stove adding to the cosy atmosphere.”
Dining area - Casa Port, in Mallorca, Spain
— Dining area

— To you personally, what is so special about this particular vacation rental in Mallorca?

Anke: “Coming to the old fishermen’s quarter of Port Soller, you immediately feel the tranquility of this part of Mallorca. After a few days you feel part of the quarter and all the restaurants, bars and the beach are just a short walk away without being disturbing.

Especially the red glowing sunset over the Tramontana mountains which can be seen from the roof terrace are spectacular – even for us after seeing it for more than 15 years. And we always provide our vacation guests with some good local wine on their arrival, so they can enjoy this right away.”
 - Casa Port, in Mallorca, Spain
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