Château du Chiron is managed by James, the owner.
£350 - £700/night
Suitable for up to 12 people

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Château Du Chiron - Château du Chiron, in Limousin, France
— James: “Most people just feel like it’s a completely relaxing place, that it feels like coming home.”
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— What was your motivation to buy Château Du Chiron?

James: “Well, it’s about escaping the city for a change of lifestyle. The idea was to create a rental property that would combine the very best of French rural living with a degree of sophistication in the interior decoration, the quality of the food on offer and the overall experience. So whilst the interior is contemporary in style, it’s still very approachable and comfortable which I thought would be important if you’re spending a week or longer here.”
Château Du Chiron - Château du Chiron, in Limousin, France
— Château Du Chiron

— Why France?

James: “There has always been a close relationship between the UK and France, so it was a natural choice. Plus it’s a country that has a large selection of properties to choose from and is still incredibly popular as a holiday destination. It’s just as convenient to travel here for a couple of days as it is for a week, so that was also important in making the choice. And of course, the architecture and location of Château Du Chiron convinced me that it could work perfectly for what we wanted to turn it into.”
Bedroom I - Château du Chiron, in Limousin, France
— Bedroom I

— What is the history of the house?

James: “Château Du Chiron had been owned by various members of the same family since it had been constructed in 1879. The original owner was a local Count and landowner in the area and the family wanted a comfortable property with an imposing view. You can see for miles from the garden or balcony. They planted a lot of trees in the garden, many of which are over 100 years old, so it feels really private in the Summer. When we bought it, it was in a reasonable structural condition, but needed quite a bit of work to bring the interior and grounds up to date.”
 - Château du Chiron, in Limousin, France

— How would you describe the style of Château Du Chiron?

James: “You could call it ‘classic contemporary’ style. We’ve used some modern furniture combined with a mixture of older pieces. Since we always have a combination of guests — some are families with lots of children and sometimes it’s all adults — we’ve been sensitive to both needs and the feedback has been that it works very well. Being comfortable is really important which is why all the beds have really high quality mattresses and linen for a perfect night’s sleep.”
Pool area - Château du Chiron, in Limousin, France
— Pool area

— What would you describe to be the essence of Château Du Chiron?

James: “Most people just feel that Château Du Chiron is completely relaxing, that it feels like coming home. They say it feels very familiar and that we provide an efficient yet discreet service — they love it that they can decide to have a gourmet dinner cooked for them for example. We don’t really have any rules and I think that kind of flexibility is reflected in how people feel about the place. They also like the fact that it’s totally private and you have the house, grounds and pool all to yourselves. But we’re around in a separate house, if you have any questions.”
Bedroom II - Château du Chiron, in Limousin, France
— Bedroom II

— And the guests can either self-cater or you cook for them if they wish?

James: “Yes, that’s something that works very well. It’s completely flexible. You can rent it for a week and cater for yourself or you can order breakfast, dinner or anything else from us whenever you need it. I am actually also a cook and very passionate about it. The cuisine is mostly from local produce and overwhelmingly French, with a few interesting variations along the way.”
 - Château du Chiron, in Limousin, France
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