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Chateau St. Philippe is managed by the O'Neals, the owners.
2000 - 4000/night
Suitable for up to 20 people

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Chateau St. Philippe - Chateau St. Philippe, in Savoie, France
— Charles: “It is one of the oldest chateaux in Europe. When I give people tours through the chateau, they are amazed by every room.”
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— Can you please tell us a little about the history of Chateau St. Philippe?

Charles: “Chateau St. Philippe in Savoie, France, is one of the oldest chateaux in Europe. It was built in 1032 as a priory by Benedictine monks and later used by the Jesuits. The chateau sits on 17.5 acres of land and is surrounded by Orchard and vineyards. In 1828, it was renovated into a chateau. It was purchased 17 years ago and completely modernized. The building has seen many parts of history including both world wars — with one actually fought on the property.”
Chateau St. Philippe - Chateau St. Philippe, in Savoie, France
— Chateau St. Philippe

— How would you describe the style of the chateau’s interior?

Charles: “A little blend of modern and antique, it’s very tastefully done. Everything was hand-picked because this is first and foremost a family home. It was built during the medieval period and thus the simplicity is elegantly profiled and apparent.

The view is the most amazing thing about Chateau St. Philippe. We have mountain ranges all around us. When it’s clear and you stand on the terraces, you can see Mont Blanc in the distance. There’s just so much green and beauty that changes with the seasons.”
Chateau St. Philippe’s library - Chateau St. Philippe, in Savoie, France
— Chateau St. Philippe’s library

— Do you have a favourite room?

Charles: “There are many favorite rooms depending on your tastes and your reason to relax — such as the outdoor balconies, the quietness of the reading room, or the kitchen where the crowd usually congregates. There is a favorite place for every mood!”
 - Chateau St. Philippe, in Savoie, France

— What are some of the other facilities at Chateau St. Philippe?

Charles: “The chateau has three outbuildings including one very large barn. Below the castle it has Caves that are very impressive — even to the French — for large gatherings. The reception room allows for a nice retreat, and the balconies allow for the most beautiful ever-changing mountain and weather views.”
Bedroom six - Chateau St. Philippe, in Savoie, France
— Bedroom six

— What sort of services do you provide as part of the vacation rental?

Charles: “Additional services are all charged by the hour, and will be presented as a bill at the end of the stay to be paid immediately or via PayPal. These include: laundry, grocery stocking, concierge services, translator services, daily cleaning, babysitting, tour booking, etc. All services are based on request and availability.”
Bedroom eight - Chateau St. Philippe, in Savoie, France
— Bedroom eight
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