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Cyclades Villa is managed by Kostas, the Owner.
200 - 250/night
Suitable for 6-10 people

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Cyclades Villa terrace - Cyclades Villa, in Cyclades, Greece
— Kostas: “Tinos is a special place. The nature is fabulous and it is something that everyone who comes should explore — walking through the lovely paths between the villages, you can see amazing sceneries.”
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— In a nutshell, how would you describe Cyclades Villa?

Kostas: “Cyclades Villa is a charming holiday rental home on Tinos Island, Greece, a quiet retreat and an ideal place if you are seeking a holiday away from the tourist crowds.

It’s a cubical building at first sight but with many soft curves inside and outside, if we translate it in the context of feelings it could be describes as a ‘coud de foudre’ with gentle caresses…”
Cyclades Villa terrace - Cyclades Villa, in Cyclades, Greece
— Cyclades Villa terrace

— Why did you decide to rent the villa to holiday guests?

Kostas: “Sometimes life has many surprises, the decision was influenced again from my professional domain. It is like art: when my artists finish a work it takes them some time to feel ready to sell it, share it with someone else. As I renovated this house by myself, I took the place of the creator and I felt ready to share its beauty with complete strangers. So I broke the distance between birth and the freedom of sharing — a lovely feeling.”
Living area - Cyclades Villa, in Cyclades, Greece
— Living area

— Tell us a bit about the holiday home’s rooms and facilities.

Kostas: “On the upper level is the living room leading to two verandas, one with a view of the garden and the other with a big marble table at the rear end of the garden. Also on this level is a single bedroom, a bathroom and the kitchen.

A steep old stair made from big marble steps leads to the lower level where you find the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. A small hallway leads to the other two bedrooms with two single beds each, the central bathroom and the laundry room.

All amenities are provided as part of the holiday rental such as TV, DVD, CD players, WiFi from June to September, dishwasher, washing machine, solar boiler, central heating, a fireplace and everything else a normal house offers.”
 - Cyclades Villa, in Cyclades, Greece

— Tell us about the architecture and the renovation of the villa please.

Kostas: “The renovation was made with extreme respect to the materials and we kept everything as it was. It was important to respect, analyze and leave the details that existed — all those small but so wise mistakes that the anonymous architect of the time made in order to make everyday life more practical and useful. These mistakes make the Cycladic architecture so human.”
Cyclades Villa exterior - Cyclades Villa, in Cyclades, Greece
— Cyclades Villa exterior

— How would you describe the style of Cyclades Villa?

Kostas: “Historically, Tinos is an island that was occupied by the Venetian nobility. As a result a tiny sense of bourgeois life and style remained from that time. That element was always visible in the living room decoration, which was the space most open to the social life of the house. Witness to this are the handmade carpets, the velvet on the sofa and etchings on the walls etc... So I would rather define it as eclectic rather than anything else.

The rooms in the private part of the holiday home were more simple, just with the essentials but always with some religious symbols such as crosses, an image of Madonna or Christ.”
 - Cyclades Villa, in Cyclades, Greece

— You’re an art dealer from Athens, what was your inspiration to buy a villa on Tinos Island and restore it?

Kostas: “It was an energy feeling like the one you feel in front of a piece of art that fascinates you. After years of experience I’ve learned to respect it and from the moment I felt it, I decided to buy it. It was a very quick decision considering that I saw the house only from the outside without entering it at all.”
 - Cyclades Villa, in Cyclades, Greece
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