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Dar Hi is managed by Séverine, Reservations manager.
165 - 450/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Dar HI - Dar Hi, in Tozeur, Tunisia
— Séverine: “Yes, it’s very much like a retreat. When you’re there and you see the sunset and hear the mosques, it’s just an amazing experience.”
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— What’s the concept of the Dar HI hotel? How would you describe the overall philosophy?

Séverine: “If you go to Djerba, you see those huge concrete apartment blocks and we think that this type of tourism is not what it’s all about. Dar HI is a project to do things differently in Tunisia — high end, with a spa and all the amenities — but also showing that Tunisia is not what you imagine it to be. It is a contemporary architectural project that melts into the landscape, connects with the locals and the village.”
Dar HI - Dar Hi, in Tozeur, Tunisia
— Dar HI

— Is the architecture with the big wall surrounding the estate typical of the area?

Séverine: “Yes, most of the time you have very thick walls and just a little door. When you go in, there is a big open space and around this atrium you have all the rooms. For us it was the same idea. We wanted to have a village within the village. Inside, you have very large and spacious communal areas where you can mingle with other guests, but you also have the privacy of your own room if you don’t want that.

The main thing for us was to use contemporary design but at the same time to remain very close to the people in town. The craftsmen there do a fantastic job, so we decided to have them build the hotel and everything that’s in it and not to import anything.

The second thing was the ecology. We really wanted to create an ecological retreat, so e grow our own fruit and vegetables. The concept was to show the locals that they can do something nice and be proud of it, to understand that ecology is important and that this attracts other types of tourists than the ones in Djerba for example.”
Dar HI patio - Dar Hi, in Tozeur, Tunisia
— Dar HI patio

— Speaking of growing your own fruit and vegetables, what role does food play in the Dar HI experience?

Séverine: “Food is very important and all food is included in the Dar HI experience: breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you can have chocolate cake or whatever else in the afternoon too. If you want a Coke, you can go to the glass fridge and get it. We call it the open fridge. Alcohol like local wine is included as well. You won’t find whiskey though for example, because we don’t import anything.

We only hire local people from Nafta to do the cooking. Every day they create a different menu. I know Tunisian and North African food but at Dar HI, I tasted things I wasn’t used to. They mix influences from Europe with local ingredients so it’s really amazing food. And you can watch them prepare it for you too.”
 - Dar Hi, in Tozeur, Tunisia

— What are some typical Tunisian dishes?

Séverine: “Briks is very typical. It’s like a samosa with goat cheese, mint, lemon and capers — it’s a very fresh tasting mixture. Very different, very fresh, and you don’t feel like you ate a ton. We don’t have any of those pastries, the very fattening ones, but every day at 4pm we have a different cake — banana, chocolate, pistachio...”
Pilotis room - Dar Hi, in Tozeur, Tunisia
— Pilotis room

— I read that it’s all about being healthy and feeling well...

Séverine: “Yes, it’s very much like a retreat. Just enjoying the view — the desert, the sunset — is quite spiritual, and I’m not talking about religion. When you’re there and you see the sunset and hear the mosques, it’s just an amazing experience.

We also organize yoga retreats, so for 3-4 days you can go and have a teacher who will do a program with you. We also offer meditation, which already happens even if you’re not that type of person... it happens automatically when you arrive here.

At Dar HI, the Hammam and the pool are both heated naturally with thermal water. So the pool is not a typical blue pool with chlorine in it, but it’s actually more like a river. And because it’s thermal water, it’s very good for arthritis.

We have a large relaxation area with a nice view as well. There we offer massages, facial treatments, pedicures, manicures, waxing etc. It’s all based on aesthetics and wellness.”
Dar HI pool - Dar Hi, in Tozeur, Tunisia
— Dar HI pool

— Tell us a bit about the different room concepts at Dar HI.

Séverine: “The main one is what we call the Pilotis. It’s like a high house, raised off the ground. The idea for this room concept is to enjoy the fantastic view of the oasis and the desert. It’s like a postcard when you arrive. You see that view and it’s amazing.

The second type of room is called Troglodyte. Troglodytes are found in the desert in areas where it’s very hot. Troglodyte rooms are very big, much bigger than the Pilotis and you can have a full family staying there.

Then we have the Dune concept — rooms that are at ground level making you feel a part of the desert. They’re also very large and have different levels within the room.

Finally we have the Dar Malika, a traditional house you can rent for 4-5 people.

So if you want a panorama and a beautiful view, you can have that in the Pilotis. If you want a larger room, you’ve got the Troglodytes, which are really fun. The kids love them. With each room, it’s as if you’re in a different hotel.”
 - Dar Hi, in Tozeur, Tunisia
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