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Etnia Pousada is managed by André, the Owner.
$309 - $507/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Etnia Pousada - Etnia Pousada, in Bahia, Brazil
— André: “People ask me, what is the secret of your success here? I realized my lifestyle used to be very commercial. Now, everything I create here is very spontaneous. I don’t create anything to sell.”
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— As someone working in design in Italy, what inspired you to come back to Brazil?

André: “For me, a Brazilian guy, to go to Italy and work in design was great. But after two years I was very stressed. The twin towers had been destroyed in the United Sates and it was a very stressful time in Italy and Europe. I wanted something relaxing and a sense of peace and tranquility. I wanted something very simple, genuine food, simple people, something that was completely different than what I had in Italy. That’s why I bought a piece of land in Trancoso.”
Etnia Pousada swimming pool - Etnia Pousada, in Bahia, Brazil
— Etnia Pousada swimming pool

— Why did you choose Trancoso specifically?

André: “When you arrive in Trancoso, you fall in love with the village. I fell in love with the atmosphere of simplicity and elegance that surrounds the city. The people here are very pure and simple, unlike people from the city. You might meet very famous people here but the feeling stays the same. For me the most important thing in Trancoso is the square, it is amazing. It is a mix of a lot of things, but you have to come here to understand why people love Trancoso because it’s something you feel and you can’t describe very well...”
Etnia Pousada communal area - Etnia Pousada, in Bahia, Brazil
— Etnia Pousada communal area

— Did you know Trancoso before or was it more of an accident?

André: “It was kind of an accident. I was living in São Paulo and wanted to go on holiday. I only had one problem: I hate to fly. A friend asked me, ‘Have you been to Bahia?’ and my answer was ‘No, but why not?’.

When I came here and set foot on the square I told myself, ‘Someday I will live here’ and 5 years later I came to live here. You’ve got the restaurants, you’ve got nice food, you’ve got the shops. The architecture of the place is amazing, the beaches are very clean and there is barely anyone on the streets or on the beach. It is very special.”
 - Etnia Pousada, in Bahia, Brazil

— How did you come up with the idea of opening up a small boutique hotel?

André: “For me the pousada lifestyle is very special because you can work here and not make a lot of money, but you receive nice guests, people from everywhere. Etnia means ‘ethnic’ and if you look at our logo, you see a man and a woman. It represents human beings and races everywhere — all races.”
Etnia Pousada - Etnia Pousada, in Bahia, Brazil
— Etnia Pousada

— Tell me a little bit about Etnia Pousada, the hotel.

André: “When we started to build Etnia Pousada, me and my business partner talked about what we should do. We had recently been to Morocco and to Africa, so our experience drove us in that direction. Etnia is 8 bungalows, one Moroccan, one Mediterranean and so on. We are creating our little world about our lives and travels here.”
Morocco bungalow - Etnia Pousada, in Bahia, Brazil
— Morocco bungalow

— Do you have a favourite bungalow at Etnia Pousada?

André: “I don’t think so, no. If I had to choose one, I would choose a big one because I prefer the big bungalows to the smaller ones. Believe me, it’s like having to choose between two sons. We didn’t hire an architect or interior designer, we did everything here ourselves. When you create everything yourself it’s hard to choose...”
 - Etnia Pousada, in Bahia, Brazil
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