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Fazenda Nova is managed by Hallie, the owner.
195 - 500/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Fazenda Nova exterior - Fazenda Nova, in Algarve, Portugal
— Tim: “We take the time with each customer to understand their preferences, so they’re not wasting a day wondering what they’re going to do or trying to find places to go.”
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— What was your inspiration to open a small luxury hotel in the Algarve?

Tim: “Our inspiration was a trip to Cape Town 12 years ago. We both had businesses and traveled a lot. We stayed in a guest house there to go whale watching on the Bay, and we walked in and it was an epiphany moment. They had a huge dining room with a glass wall and the kitchen behind it, where you could view all the meals being prepared. The suites made you feel at home. The doors opened into a garden with wonderful African furniture. We both sort of looked at each other and thought, ‘This is it. This is what we want to do.’”
Fazenda Nova exterior - Fazenda Nova, in Algarve, Portugal
— Fazenda Nova exterior

— Please tell us a bit about the design of Fazenda Nova.

Tim: “We’re surrounded by trees that have a wonderful texture on their barks and trunks. We’ve used different types of finishes throughout the project to reflect that idea. Every aspect has been thought out thoroughly, so if you’re in any part of the building, looking out a specific window or a view into the garden, the textures really make you feel comfortable.

But the building wouldn’t work if it didn’t have those wonderful historical architectural features. Those were what we fell in love with.

It took six years to finish the project, to restore the buildings, regenerate the land, and resource the materials and the furniture. For example, I had to find 30,000 reclaimed roof tiles. And they’re not easy to find. We also recycle a lot, so it took time to build the infrastructure for that, like for harvesting water. The whole process was very complicated.”
Algarve beaches - Fazenda Nova, in Algarve, Portugal
— Algarve beaches

— Please tell us a bit more about the hotel suites and apartments.

Tim: “The essence is that holiday guests get a large room with seating areas that offer a feeling of space and useable comfort. Along with that, each suite has its own private garden with a fire pit. The apartments also have a small kitchen area. If guests want to mix with people, they can, but otherwise they have their own space.

We have king size beds with what we perceive to be the best mattresses you can buy. We have silent air conditioning and big, walk-in rain showers with instant hot water and lots of water pressure.

We harvest water, use solar power and LED lighting. We offer a beach bag, umbrellas, and Wi-fi, even in the garden. We’re very conscious of our environment, but at the same time we’re very conscious of how people want to live.”
 - Fazenda Nova, in Algarve, Portugal

— What kind of facilities do you offer at Fazenda Nova?

Tim: “We have a salt water swimming pool and a wonderful terrace in the back. We also offer trees as umbrellas and set chairs and tables under the trees. On the roof is another terrace. There’s a reading area with a lot of books and we’re bringing back a vinyl library. The idea is people can bring a record and donate it or choose one of the albums we’ve got here.

We’re also organic farmers. We produce our own olive oil and a lot of fruit, vegetables and herbs — including almonds, peaches, pears, nectarines, grapes, berries, pomegranates, just a huge variety. What we serve in the restaurant comes fresh from our gardens, or we buy anything we don’t grow locally. And the guests can get involved in that process, helping to harvest, if they want to.”
Garden suite - Fazenda Nova, in Algarve, Portugal
— Garden suite

— Do you have a restaurant at the hotel as well?

Tim: “Our restaurant is just for hotel guests. We are blessed with a Portuguese chef and a wonderful seasonal menu that’s all about flavor. It’s not fine dining, just good contemporary Portuguese cuisine. We offer three or four starters, three or four mains, and two or three desserts everyday. The fish and shellfish here are exceptional, as is the black pork. We also have a 200-year-old bread oven that we relit this year.

We ask our holiday guests whether they’re going to eat with us at night, but there’s no pressure. We suggest that people go out as well.”
Pool - Fazenda Nova, in Algarve, Portugal
— Pool

— What are some other services you offer to your holiday guests?

Tim: “We have things like an honesty bar that’s always fully stocked. So guests can come in, pour themselves a drink and relax. Or if they want to be served, we can make their drinks.

We offer walking tours specific to food or historical sight-seeing, or bird watching. We have a wonderful spa that offers massages. You can do yoga onsite or go into town to a local flea market. We organise horseback riding, jeep safaris and lunches for a boat outing to one of the islands. There are many not well-known beautiful beaches on those islands that aren’t crowded.

What we don’t offer is that white-gloved hovering service. We want people to have the best holiday experience, but to be comfortable. They can walk through reception without getting pounced on.”
 - Fazenda Nova, in Algarve, Portugal
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