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Graanmarkt 13 is managed by Ilse, the owner.
Suitable for up to 6 people

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Graanmarkt 13 living room - Graanmarkt 13, in Antwerp, Belgium
— Ilse: “People feel that personal touch and how we make it our daily goal to ensure their comfort.”
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— How would you describe Graanmarkt 13 in a nutshell?

Ilse: “We always say that Graanmarkt 13 is the best-kept secret of Antwerp, Belgium. It’s a very quiet, calm and super-aesthetic, luxury vacation rental where people feel at ease.

The apartment reflects the lifestyle of my husband and I, which is expressed in every detail of the apartment. Quality is one of the most important elements of Graanmarkt 13.”
Graanmarkt 13 living room - Graanmarkt 13, in Antwerp, Belgium
— Graanmarkt 13 living room

— What was your inspiration to create this vacation apartment?

Ilse: “The idea of creating and renting out the apartment at Graanmarkt 13 gradually developed over the years. The building was completely renovated seven years ago and while we already had developed a store, restaurant as well as gallery space, we then were inspired by our architect to live upstairs, above the gallery. That is what we did for the following four years and then decided to move to a house with a garden when we had started a family. We then converted the apartment into a vacation rental. We really loved living here and wanted to share this beautiful place with others. It is one of very few luxury vacation rentals in Antwerp.”
Main bedroom - Graanmarkt 13, in Antwerp, Belgium
— Main bedroom

— Please tell us more about the apartment rental.

Ilse: “The apartment is on the second and third floors, 360 square meters in size with a terrace of about 80 square meters. The four bedrooms and two bathrooms are on the second floor while the kitchen and living room are on the third floor.

Graanmarkt 13’s master bedroom is connected to a master bathroom, while the three other bedrooms have access to the bathroom in the hallway. All the bedrooms are quite big with double beds, and one of them with two separate beds for children.

A terrace, which wraps three walls, surrounds the upper floor with the living space and kitchen, so it feels like you’re living in a green garden. The views from the terrace are really nice, overlooking the older buildings in the area as well as a 1970s theatre. There’s also a hot tub on the terrace heated through the apartment’s fireplace. All in all Graanmarkt is a very luxurious but comfortable vacation rental.”
 - Graanmarkt 13, in Antwerp, Belgium

— How would you describe the atmosphere inside the apartment?

Ilse: “The interior design is very minimalistic but also very warm due to some of the materials that were used, such as a lot of wood. The rooftop, for example, is made of wood from the 18th century, resembling chalk painting. It’s very architectural, but still feels very warm.

In the apartment we’ve incorporated mostly art pieces by Antwerp-based artists and designers, all keeping with a very quiet and calm atmosphere, which is only enhanced by the amazing natural light coming into the different rooms.”
Graanmarkt 13 kitchen - Graanmarkt 13, in Antwerp, Belgium
— Graanmarkt 13 kitchen

— What services do you offer for your vacation guests?

Ilse: “We do not have a physical reception but do offer services like a concierge as a bigger hotel would. Whether it is bookings for restaurants, massages, or any inquiries our guests might have, we will do our best to make their stay as comfortable as could be. Our restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday and the food can even be brought up to the apartments if that is preferred.

Breakfast as well as daily cleaning is offered as well. For breakfast we will provide everything that is needed for our guests to prepare it themselves in the apartment, giving them a lot of privacy and freedom to eat whenever they want to.”
Bathroom - Graanmarkt 13, in Antwerp, Belgium
— Bathroom

— To you personally, what’s so special about the whole experience of staying at the apartment?

Ilse: “We have had guests who have returned many times to this part of Belgium and then stayed at Graanmarkt 13. It’s a very inspiring place with an unusual concept. Our guests have an entire apartment to themselves, with breakfast brought to them in the morning. It is self-service but their needs are well taken care of.”
Graanmarkt 13 shop - Graanmarkt 13, in Antwerp, Belgium
— Graanmarkt 13 shop
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