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Herdade da Matinha is managed by Monica, the owner.
99 - 370/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Herdade da Matinha veranda - Herdade da Matinha, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Monica: “I like nature’s purity, which is evident in this part of Alentejo. Herdade da Matinha is surrounded by harmonious landscape and beautiful sandy beaches with no-one else around.”
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— How would you describe Herdade da Matinha in a few words?

Monica: “Herdade da Matinha is a small boutique hotel right in the middle of beautiful nature on the Alentejo coast in Portugal with a very relaxed and calm atmosphere.”
Herdade da Matinha in Alentejo - Herdade da Matinha, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Herdade da Matinha in Alentejo

— When did you open the hotel?

Monica: “Herdade da Matinha opened about 18 years ago with only two rooms. Over time we renovated the hotel very slowly and kept on adding one room after another.”
Swimming pool - Herdade da Matinha, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Swimming pool

— What was your inspiration to open a small boutique hotel?

Monica: “We always had this dream of having a home open to people, as we love cooking and decorating. We first started by inviting friends to enjoy our home with us and it grew from there into a small hotel.”
Romantic Room - Herdade da Matinha, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Romantic Room

— Please tell us more about the estate of Herdade da Matinha.

Monica: “The idea of Herdade da Matinha is to give people many options of what to do around the property. These options include massages, horseback riding, trips to the beautiful beaches, and going on long walks.

At the hotel we have a dining room with an open kitchen where we prepare all kinds of meals. We work a lot around dinner, providing several dishes with our own recipes. It rounds out the day to finish it off with a nice dinner, sitting around a table, having good wine, nice music, beautiful decoration and flowers.

In terms of locally sourcing things, we have our own chickens for eggs and meat and use cork and pine from the trees for the kitchen. There is a small vegetable garden and we also have a few goats and sheep.”
Herdade da Matinha veranda - Herdade da Matinha, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Herdade da Matinha veranda

— Please tell us about the hotel rooms.

Monica: “We have 20 rooms at Herdade da Matinha that are all different from each other and have been personalised in terms of décor. When you go to a regular hotel, everything is a bit by the book; that is not our style. Our creativity is according to our taste, so it’s very much like our own house.

We have the best mattresses and provide the best quality furnishings and amenities, trying to make the rooms as comfortable as possible.

All of the buildings on the estate are very close to each other. The restaurant is in the main house with several rooms as well. The other house, 50 meters away, houses the other guest rooms.”
Double Room - Herdade da Matinha, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Double Room

— What other facilities and services do you offer your holiday guests?

Monica: “Housekeeping is provided, there is a wine bar and our hotel restaurant is always open. If guests want to take a picnic to the beach, they can come to the kitchen and ask for some sandwiches to take with them.”
 - Herdade da Matinha, in Alentejo, Portugal
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