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kr1950 - kr2385/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Hotel Stelor - Hotel Stelor, in Gotland, Sweden
— Soho: “Gotland has so much charm; it feels like you are somewhere far away. It has a Mediterranean feeling, the water is green, the beaches are very long and sandy, and it has a strong sense of culture.”
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— How would you describe Hotel Stelor in a few words?

Soho: “Hotel Stelor is a small, rustic, countryside boutique hotel that is originally a Gotlandic farmhouse from the 1700s. The hotel has seven luxurious rooms, each of them with their own story to tell. This is a place to come home to, lean back and enjoy peace and silence.”
Hotel Stelor - Hotel Stelor, in Gotland, Sweden
— Hotel Stelor

— What was your inspiration to create Hotel Stelor?

Soho: “The house was built on a historical site, an old working harbour. It was a big meeting point for commerce around the world about 1,000 years ago. We wanted to recreate that feeling, to make a place where people from around the world could visit and connect with different cultures.

I fell in love with this old stone house which was built in 1720. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted it to be when I bought it, but I wanted more people to see it and fall in love with it as well. I hired an architect to help me restore it and convert it into a small hotel yet keep the soul and history of the original house alive.”
Room 1 - Hotel Stelor, in Gotland, Sweden
— Room 1

— How would you describe the interior design of the hotel?

Soho: “I wanted our guests to feel like they were coming home instead of staying at a hotel. When Hotel Stelor was just starting up I did not have much money and therefore had to figure out other ways to find beautiful furniture for the hotel. A local antique shop agreed to let me use their antique furniture in exchange for the hotel serving as a show room for them.

If the guests liked the furniture or lamps in the hotel rooms they could purchase some of them from the antique store. Some items are still for sale today. We have an interior store where guests can purchase other pieces as well.”
Gotland lake near Hotel Stelor - Hotel Stelor, in Gotland, Sweden
— Gotland lake near Hotel Stelor

— How would you describe the atmosphere at the hotel?

Soho: “Hotel Stelor is a small historical hotel. We don’t have TVs or anything like that, but we offer one-meter thick walls, lots of beautiful light coming in, and spacious, cosy rooms. You can feel the love and care that has been put into this house over the centuries.

There’s a garden that is like a big park with old fruit trees you can sit under while reading a good book.”
The harbour - Hotel Stelor, in Gotland, Sweden
— The harbour

— Please tell us more about the hotel rooms.

Soho: “We chose design themes for each of the seven rooms based on a fictional person. For example, one room at the hotel has a cowboy theme mimicking the Wild West of North America. Another is set up for where a scientist would live, with stars and a submarine. There’s a story behind each piece of furniture in the room, like the lamp in the science room is not anything a scientist would buy, but a present that was given to him by his mother.

Room number 3 is the heart of the house and my favourite. It’s a mini-suite that used to be the main dining room before the house was turned into a hotel. There are windows in three directions and a big fireplace. It is the only room where the design is not based around a character.

Room number 5 is the science room, which is on the upper floor with a really nice view of the garden. If you are looking for privacy, this is a good room for that. It feels like you’re in a cosy nest and it even has a telescope.”
Room 3 - Hotel Stelor, in Gotland, Sweden
— Room 3

— What facilities and services do you offer to hotel guests?

Soho: “We have a restaurant at the hotel that is open only during dinner hours. However, we do serve breakfast for the hotel guests and also offer room service. We do not specifically offer lunch services but are always more than happy to serve a snack like a sandwich if guests request it.

Bikes are available for our guests, which they can use to explore the area. We can help arrange horseback riding, golfing or other activities.

High-speed Internet is available as well.”
 - Hotel Stelor, in Gotland, Sweden
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