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Karaköy Rooms is managed by Aylin, the owner.
90 - 210/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Karaköy Rooms Deluxe room - Karaköy Rooms, in Istanbul, Turkey
— Aylin: “Karaköy is one of the oldest parts of Istanbul. We have been here over 13 years, but now it’s an up-and-coming area with art galleries and design shops.”
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— What was your inspiration to open Karaköy Rooms as a small boutique hotel?

Aylin: “We have had our restaurant here for over 13 years. I used to live in the same building on the 4th floor and our office was on the 2nd. When all of the floors in the building happened to become available, we decided to rent the whole building to expand the business to a boutique hotel.

The building is about 100 years old and was in a very bad condition and needed renovation. It was literally falling apart.”
Karaköy Rooms Deluxe room - Karaköy Rooms, in Istanbul, Turkey
— Karaköy Rooms Deluxe room

— Please tell us a little bit about the hotel rooms.

Aylin: “Currently there are three types of rooms: studio rooms, standard rooms, and deluxe rooms. Each floor has one room from each category.

Studio rooms are around 60 square meters with sitting areas, dining areas, and little kitchenettes. They also have king-sized beds.

Standard rooms are around 25 to 30 square meters. Deluxe rooms are corner rooms with around 40 square meters. They have a very nice view of the Bosphorus. That’s why they are deluxe. They also have sitting areas, but no kitchen or dining areas.”
Deluxe room view - Karaköy Rooms, in Istanbul, Turkey
— Deluxe room view

— Do you have a favourite room?

Aylin: “I like the studios very much because you feel like you’re renting a flat, but the deluxe room on the top floor, Room #9, has a very nice view and high ceilings.

The standard rooms are on the sides of the building, so they have street views. The one on the top floor has a bit of a view of the Bosphorus and two of the studios have a sea view in a narrow angle.”
 - Karaköy Rooms, in Istanbul, Turkey

— The interior design of Karaköy Rooms is beautiful. How would you describe the style?

Aylin: “It’s simple, bright, and with furniture from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

In Turkey, if you visit a house from the ‘60s, you will see the copper piping all over the walls. So instead of putting them behind the walls, we decided to make them visible.”
Studio - Karaköy Rooms, in Istanbul, Turkey
— Studio

— Can you tell us a little bit about the facilities of the hotel?

Aylin: “We provide housekeeping services like any other hotel and serve a typical Turkish breakfast in the restaurant, with different types of quiches, breads, jams, fresh fruit and vegetables.

For lunch, it’s typical home cooking — fresh vegetable soups and other types of food you could find in every Turkish house. There are about 40 different items on the menu which changes daily. For dinner we serve tapas for appetisers. The main dishes are grilled meats and other Turkish specialties.

We don’t take reservations for lunch but do for dinner as the place normally gets very busy. The atmosphere is very lively and it’s not expensive.”
Studio dining area and kitchen - Karaköy Rooms, in Istanbul, Turkey
— Studio dining area and kitchen

— To you personally, what is so special about Karaköy Rooms?

Aylin: “I like meeting the holiday guests and taking care of them during breakfast. It’s not like being in a hotel, it’s like being at home taking care of my guests.”
 - Karaköy Rooms, in Istanbul, Turkey
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