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Malabar Escapes is managed by Joerg, the owner.
90 - 550/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Serenity at Kanam estate - Malabar Escapes, in Kerala, India
— Jörg: “Each package is designed to suit our guests’ interests, such as experiencing local culture to working on personal enhancement with yoga or indulging in the local cuisine.”
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— How would you describe Malabar Escapes in a nutshell?

Jörg: “Malabar Escapes are five small hotels and luxury vacation rentals in the state of Kerala, in India. The first one was Malabar House, an exotic boutique hotel with great focus on the region’s cultural heritage. It was the first hotel of its kind in the country and situated in Fort Cochin, a city with centuries of inter-European cultural history – 150 years of Portuguese, 150 years of Dutch, and also 150 years of British history. Such multi-layered composite cultures always held great fascination for me.

Four more luxury vacation properties followed soon after in different locations as we realized that our guests would be very interested in seeing the backwaters and the hills. So we added other places with similar concepts — Purity, Serenity, Discovery and Trinity. Within these properties we created different packages, which allow you to get the best of the state of Kerala in a very personalized way.”
Purity at Lake Vembanad - Malabar Escapes, in Kerala, India
— Purity at Lake Vembanad

— Please tell us about Malabar House and Trinity.

Jörg: “Malabar House is now a boutique hotel that used to be a British bungalow facing Fort Cochin, which was founded in 1498 by Vasco de Gama on his second journey to India. When I bought the house, 245 years of documentation where handed over to me, starting from 1752 all the way up to 1995. For example, in the late 19th century it was the house of the Port Captain. In the 20th century it became the house of an English trading company, lastly the residence of the bankers of a national bank.

Trinity are eight suites right next to Malabar House. The building once belonged to a tea trading company as a guesthouse. The owner is one of the five most influential collectors of contemporary art in India and had asked me to ‘revamp’ the place into a luxurious boutique hotel. We extended the place to eight guest rooms, adding a new wing, which I co-designed. The setting of this hotel was designed with a more contemporary edge and contrasts the best of current Indian art with antique furniture.”
Serenity at Kanam estate - Malabar Escapes, in Kerala, India
— Serenity at Kanam estate

— Please also tell us about Purity and Discovery.

Jörg: “Purity is a high-end boutique hotel right on Lake Vembanad. Designed by a Swiss-Italian lady the estate resembles a Tuscan Villa. Wanting to keep its soul alive, we decided to rework it with a more contemporary touch. An inner courtyard was added with a roof, reflecting pool and a huge palm tree at its center. The house is in beautiful harmony with its surroundings. With 14 different rooms and suites it is the perfect base for those of our guests who want to focus on yoga and Ayurvedic treatments at Purespa.

Discovery is a 25-meter long houseboat, built on a wooden rice barge’s traditional casing and matched with contemporary ship architecture. The boat has one bedroom, a living room and a sitting corner that can be converted into a second bedroom. Discovery is a very unique and the most eco-friendly houseboat in the area. It allows you to travel on a unique cruise into places where no other houseboat goes and enter into a world of waterways and rivers.”
 - Malabar Escapes, in Kerala, India

— And finally: Serenity.

Jörg: “Serenity is our fifth small boutique hotel which was once the home of a planter, one of the first ones to bring rubber trees from Malaysia. His palatial home was built on a hilltop, collecting the evening breeze from all sides. This very private luxury vacation villa is surrounded by rubber plants and tropical gardens full of spices. Five bedrooms are furbished with vintage pieces perfectly blending with contemporary elements.

The bungalow was built in the 1920s and its originality was kept as much intact as possible while including modern amenities. It sits at about 300 meters above sea level with a very pleasant climate, so that a lot of guests come here in the winter for the warm weather.

During their stay, our vacation guests can get to know our elephant, who is very friendly and can be fed and ridden on. There are also many other activities to try out, such as going on plantation walks, yoga, Ayurvedic treatments or just hanging out by the pool.”
Serenity pool - Malabar Escapes, in Kerala, India
— Serenity pool

— What sort of services and facilities do you offer at the hotels?

Jörg: “Even within a short amount of time, all of the houses together, almost like in a circuit, give you an idea of what the state of Kerala is about. At the same time our vacation guests can choose to lean back and relax in a luxurious environment.

Ayurvedic treatments and yoga are available to our guests, and we have cooking demonstrations where guests can see how we use the spices, from classic South Indian cuisine to international cuisine. Furthermore we can take our guests out to sample the food on the streets.

We offer different excursions at each of the Malabar Escapes. At Purity for example, guests can visit an old cooperative where everything is hand loomed. We want to enable them to see the real life of the locals, they can experience how people work with seafood, how they go coconut tapping, see the patty fields and rice farms, and temples or markets. There are a lot of things we do outside of the houses.”
Discovery Backwater Cruises - Malabar Escapes, in Kerala, India
— Discovery Backwater Cruises
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