Masseria Il Frantoio is managed by Armando, the Owner.
69 - 350/night
Suitable for 1-5 people

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Masseria Il Frantoio - Masseria Il Frantoio, in Puglia, Italy
— Armando: “Every guest that we see, is me 20 years ago. We want to take care of them, care like I want to be cared for. This is our philosophy.”
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— What was your motivation to open Masseria Il Frantoio?

Armando: “Twenty years ago we were living and working in a big town. I was an old man at 45 back then. Now, I am a young man of 65, after 20 years in the countryside. I was living in the greatest prison before, I was a manager of an industrial factory. We wanted a different life, to live in clean air, with clean water and slow food, and to give happiness to our guests. The smile of people communicates all over the world, talking about nice things like the colour of the flowers and the flavour of the dishes. It is not all about money, money, money.

A great Italian poet once said, it is very easy to say what we don’t want. For example, Berlusconi and other things. It is more difficult to say what we want. We did not want the big town and the industrial factory. So we have chosen this paradise, this treasure. I still went to my office for one year, and my wife worked for one year restoring the new home.”
Masseria Il Frantoio - Masseria Il Frantoio, in Puglia, Italy
— Masseria Il Frantoio

— And there is still a working farm?

Armando: “Yes, we have 72 hectares here at Masseria Il Frantoio. It is a big agricultural farm and there are 4.200 olive trees. Some of them are 500 or 1.000 years old. We have also planted lots of fruit and vegetables for the family and the guests. And naturally, it is all organic. We don’t kill the gifts of God. We have 12 different kinds of wild chicorées, wild artichokes, wild asparagus and 10 different flowers that we eat together with our guests.”
Olive tree - Masseria Il Frantoio, in Puglia, Italy
— Olive tree

— And your wife is responsible for the food?

Armando: “When we chose this life, I asked my wife: I can make agriculture, public relations and the accounting, but for the home and the kitchen I ask your help. And she answered: ask me every day to do the same, and I will be a slave. Leave me free every day to invent a different thing, and I will be an artist. And after 20 years she continues to invent new recipes every day. I knew that my wife was a little artist, but like every husband, the husband is the last to consider the greatness of his wife. I never thought that she would become one of the best chefs in Italy.”
 - Masseria Il Frantoio, in Puglia, Italy

— What is your philosophy?

Armando: “Our philosophy at Masseria Il Frantoio is to sit in the courtyard with my wife looking at our guests arriving at the big gate of the farm — very angry with life. We imagine how long it will take to turn the guest into a smiling guest. Our farm is the clinic of the soul and our goal is the happiness of our guests. Every guest that we see is me 20 years ago. And like ourselves, when we go somewhere, we want to take care of our guests. So I must care, like I want to be cared for. This is our philosophy and we go to meet every guest, and every day we say: ‘Welcome home’.”
The Masseria’s Narcisi room - Masseria Il Frantoio, in Puglia, Italy
— The Masseria’s Narcisi room

— How would you describe the style of Masseria Il Frantoio and the furniture?

Armando: “It is an Apulian home of an 1800's middle class family with authentic Apulian furniture. There is also some furniture from 1500 but the main part is from the 1800's. It is not a luxury Masseria, not 5-star luxury. There is no jacuzzi, no swimming pool and no air conditioning. Everything is authentic Apulian; there is no Thai furniture. Every new Masseria is not authentic, everything is with Thai furniture today. Half of the furniture we have we found inside the place, and the other half my wife worked hard to find during the first year.”
Dinner in the courtyard - Masseria Il Frantoio, in Puglia, Italy
— Dinner in the courtyard
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