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Misool Eco Resort is managed by Marit and Andrew, the Founders and Directors of the resort.
$592 - $965/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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Misool Eco Resort Water Cottage - Misool Eco Resort, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
— Marit and Andrew: “Misool Eco Resort is a love story. It’s the story of being so completely captivated by a place, a time and a project that no hurdle is insurmountable.”
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— Tell us a bit about your dive resort. How would you describe Misool Eco Resort in a nutshell?

Marit and Andrew: “Our resort is an intimate, tropical holiday hideaway, built on a private island in an archipelago of uninhabited islands. We are 165 km away from the nearest port, blissfully secluded and largely untethered from the modern world. No light pollution, no noise pollution, no mobile phone signal... in fact there is very little to distract you from the surrounding natural beauty.

Our resort island is leased from the local community, along with 1220 sq km of surrounding reefs. This No-Take Zone, which is nearly twice the size of Singapore, is patrolled by our Rangers. All our dive sites are inside this area, which means the reefs are just astounding... gorgeous corals, massive sea fans, patrolling reef sharks, pygmy seahorses, schooling tuna, giant manta rays, walking sharks...”
Misool Eco Resort Water Cottage - Misool Eco Resort, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
— Misool Eco Resort Water Cottage

— When did you open the resort and what was your inspiration?

Marit and Andrew: “Our inspiration was the spectacular natural beauty of Raja Ampat. It’s hard not to be moved by the scenery, both above and below the water. This is the heart of marine biodiversity, and there just are no richer reefs on earth. The underwater world here is still pristine, and visiting is like stepping through a portal into an different time, before the global pressures of overfishing, shark finning, and human overpopulation were rife.

We opened in 2008 on the site of a former shark-finning camp. Our respect for the natural surroundings and our commitment to the local community defined the way we built the resort. We didn’t buy any lumber and instead set up our own sawmill. When we opened, we had milled over 600m3 of reclaimed tropical hardwood. We used local labour as much as possible, and created apprenticeship programs to train our staff. We are so proud that many of our waiters, dive guides, and housekeepers started with us years ago as unskilled labourers. We’ve grown together.”
Misool Eco Resort North Lagoon - Misool Eco Resort, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
— Misool Eco Resort North Lagoon

— Misool Eco Resort is all about environmental and social responsibility. How would you describe your philosophy?

Marit and Andrew: “We want to raise the bar for tourism while rewriting conservation strategies. We no longer have the luxury of time, and we cannot wait for governments and NGOs to implement solutions to our environmental crises. All of us, including private enterprise, have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to leave things better than we found them.

We must find sustainable solutions which decouple local economies from extractive practices which target diminishing resources. When it’s done consciously and intelligently, tourism can be that mechanism. Responsible tourism can empower local communities to reclaim stewardship over their ancestral lands and safeguard them from overfishing, mining, logging, etc.”
 - Misool Eco Resort, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

— Please tell us about the different cottages and facilities you have at the dive resort.

Marit and Andrew: “All of our facilities are built of reclaimed tropical hardwoods - we didn't cut down a single tree to build the resort. Our main resort area is inside a placid horseshoe-shaped lagoon. We have eight Water Cottages built on stilts over the water, each with a hammock integrated into the veranda and steps leading down into the sea. We also offer several DeLuxe Villas for those who prefer a more exclusive experience.

Our Dive Centre is fitted with a massive camera and equipment area, adjoining a comfortable lounge. The restaurant is tucked under the palm trees on the lagoon’s beach, offering a tasty combination of Asian and Western fare.

We have four dedicated dive boats at Misool Eco Resort as well as a snorkelling boat and kayaks.”
Diving from your Water Cottage - Misool Eco Resort, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
— Diving from your Water Cottage

— What does a typical day look like at Misool?

Marit and Andrew: “Most of our holiday guests keep to a pretty busy schedule of diving, punctuated by dining. We offer up four tasty meals a day plus tea time each afternoon in our beach-front restaurant. In between, our guides are leading 3 to 4 dives each day. We have 2 marine biologists on staff, and they give presentations each evening on what you can expect to see underwater as well as related conservation issues. We also organise non-diving adventures, like snorkelling trips, visits to ancient petroglyphs, tours of mangroves, kayaking expeditions, and picnics on deserted beaches.

If all this sounds like too much activity for you, I can personally recommend spending an afternoon lounging in one of the hammocks built into the Water Cottage verandas. There’s no better vantage point from which to watch the water colour change from incandescent turquoise to shimmering deep blue as the light changes. And then of course there is the spa...”
Lounge Area - Misool Eco Resort, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
— Lounge Area

— To you personally, what is so special about this holiday resort?

Marit and Andrew: “Misool Eco Resort is a love story. It’s the story of being so completely captivated by a place and a time and a project that no hurdle is insurmountable. And of course, the evolution of the resort runs parallel to the evolution of Marit and Andrew. We fell in love in Raja Ampat, and got engaged on the beach where the restaurant now stands...”
Manta cleaning station - Misool Eco Resort, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
— Manta cleaning station
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