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Miss’Opo is managed by Marta and Joana, house managers.
75 - 200/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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One bedroom studio at Miss’Opo - Miss’Opo, in Porto, Portugal
— Marta and Joana: “Miss’Opo is not like other spaces in Porto. If you like culture, fashion and interior design, it's an intriguing place to be.”
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— How would you describe Miss’Opo in a few words?

Marta and Joana: “Miss’Opo is a small guesthouse with 6 beautiful holiday apartments available for rent in the center of Porto. It is place where we want our guests to become friends – that’s the spirit of the guesthouse. It has a curious architecture of basic cement and antiques, it’s a mix between a very new space and beautiful old things, a place dedicated to welcoming people interested in cultural tourism.”
One bedroom studio at Miss’Opo - Miss’Opo, in Porto, Portugal
— One bedroom studio at Miss’Opo

— What was the inspiration to create Miss’Opo?

Marta and Joana: “The two owners, Ana and Paula, already had experience having holiday guests stay in their own house in the past. They really enjoyed welcoming people to their home, so they both decided to leave their old jobs and create Miss’Opo.”
Bar and restaurant at Miss’Opo - Miss’Opo, in Porto, Portugal
— Bar and restaurant at Miss’Opo

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Miss’Opo?

Marta and Joana: “Miss’Opo is relaxed and friendly. People love the mix of the traditional with the modern and find it beautiful. The intention wasn’t to create a contemporary space, Ana and Paula just wanted to create a beautiful and friendly guesthouse to welcome their guests. And a lot of them have become friends over time.

Miss’Opo is not like other spaces. If you like culture, fashion and interior design, it’s an intriguing place to be. So if you’re into cultural tourism, you will enjoy it. But if you are looking for a standard hotel with all its services, you better stay somewhere else.

It’s also important to mention is that since we are right in the center of the city and with the bar downstairs, it’s not the most silent place – it’s a place full of life.”
 - Miss’Opo, in Porto, Portugal

— Please tell us a bit more about the holiday apartments. And do you have a favourite?

Marta and Joana: “There are six spacious holiday apartment rentals located on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Four of them we call singles as they have one double bedroom, and two apartments have two double bedrooms each. The entrance for the guest house is on Rua de Trás or the restaurant when it is open.

The apartments are completely different from one another except for the beds, which we customized for Miss’Opo. The kitchens and bathrooms look almost the same but with different sinks, fixtures or tablewear. The furniture is also different, collected from flea markets and second-hand stores. The only technology in the apartments besides the kitchen amenities is the sound system. There is no TV.

My favorite apartment is #5 because from the balcony you can see the Virgin Mary statue on the small chapel nearby. The apartment seems bigger than the others because it's in the shape of an L, so when you enter, you can’t see the bed, whereas, the others you can see the whole space as soon as you enter.”
Two bedroom studio at Miss’Opo - Miss’Opo, in Porto, Portugal
— Two bedroom studio at Miss’Opo

— What other services are available to your holiday guests?

Marta and Joana: “Breakfast is delivered fresh every day the night before so you can have breakfast as early or late as you like in the apartment. We provide fresh bread and pastries and anything else the guests enjoy. Other than that, we have a welcome guide and we are of course always happy to help our guests with recommendations in Porto.

And of course, if you want people to feel at home, you have to have a big kitchen. That’s why we have the bar downstairs.”
View of Rua de Trás - Miss’Opo, in Porto, Portugal
— View of Rua de Trás

— How would you describe the food you serve at the bar?

Marta and Joana: “The food is very tasty and sometimes a bit spicy. It’s what you would eat with a post-modern mom. When you have a small kitchen it gets difficult, so you have to reinvent and keep the menu changing every day. Some days we serve typical Portuguese dishes but some of the spices are from Africa. Other days one of the guests may be invited to cook or a chef from another restaurant. There are a few cheeses and side dishes that we serve regularly, but the main dishes are always changing.”
 - Miss’Opo, in Porto, Portugal
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