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myhomeinlisbon is managed by María, the owner.
80 - 255/night
Suitable for 1-4 people

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1st floor east view bedroom - myhomeinlisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal
— María: “The B&B is very comfortable, warm and quiet. It is a peaceful abode in a busy city. If you open the windows, you can hear the bells of the church and birds chirping.”
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— How would you describe myhomeinlisbon in a nutshell?

María: “myhomeinlisbon is actually my home in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal, which I opened up for guests as a luxury bed and breakfast. It is a real house with nine guestrooms, not a hotel masquerading as a home. Here it feels much more like staying at a friend’s place, where you can meet other people from Lisbon and from all over the world. What is also really unique is the view from the house, which is like something out of a fairy tale.”
1st floor east view bedroom - myhomeinlisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal
— 1st floor east view bedroom

— What is the layout of the B&B?

María: “Once you are inside, you realize how much light comes in through the big windows. We used pure materials such as concrete and stone throughout the house, and because of all the natural light, it gives everything a very warm feeling. Once you enter the common rooms you will see that we are not just a bed and breakfast with hotel amenities and service, but it is truly a home with a very harmonious environment. The kitchen and dining room are open to the living room and there’s also a library. Our guests are welcome to use all these rooms whenever they choose. We have a little garden outside as an extension of the living room inside: with dinning area and sofas. Our guests often enjoy taking their breakfast outside or just go there to relax and soak up the sun.

On the upper floors you will find the different guest rooms. The staircase is in typical Portuguese style, with concrete and wood. Lighting the staircase is a beautiful lamp designed by a Portuguese artist.”
1st floor west view bedroom - myhomeinlisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal
— 1st floor west view bedroom

— Please tell us about the rooms.

María: “All nine guest rooms are very bright spaces. There are four rooms with great views (2 on the 1st and 2 on the 2nd floor) and 3 rooms facing the street (1 on the 1st floor and 2 on the 2nd). The two largest rooms are on the top floor with stunning views, one of them has a large terrace and the other one has a living-room and a large bathtub facing the views.

The three smaller, less expensive rooms that face the street are very beautiful in terms of their unique design. The smallest room is on the first floor, it’s simple with a big, open shower and beautifully designed with an Alvar Aalto chair as well as Tapiovaara lamps. All rooms have showers open to the bedrooms, and separate toilets.

Each room at the B&B is decorated differently. In some you will find ceramics that were made by me, and in others stone basins. Each room is personalized with books and objects that relate to special experiences I’ve had. Overall there’s a nice mix of furniture blended with natural materials.”
 - myhomeinlisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal

— How would you describe the atmosphere at myhomeinlisbon?

María: “The B&B is very comfortable, warm and quiet. It is a peaceful abode in a busy city. If you open the windows, you can hear the bells of the church and birds chirping. That already provides for a rather calming atmosphere. Building on top of that we are here to ensure that our guests have an extraordinary stay. We do our best to provide a friendly and homely environment that they enjoy coming back to everyday.”
1st floor east view bedroom - myhomeinlisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal
— 1st floor east view bedroom

— Please tell us about other facilities and services offered.

María: “There is free Wi-Fi throughout the house. Even though we don’t have a TV, we do have a projector and want to start having movie screenings in the garden during the summer. Besides cleaning the rooms we can also arrange for extra services such as bringing in a masseuse. Finally, there is a map of things to see or do and there is always somebody around if anyone has questions.”
2nd floor east view bath - myhomeinlisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal
— 2nd floor east view bath

— Please tell us about the food.

María: “We offer a delicious homemade breakfast that changes every day. Most of our guests love being able to have breakfast with the other guests, talk, and share their holiday experiences. Throughout the day guests can prepare coffee or tea and there is also a bar. Families often find it convenient to use the kitchen to prepare meals for the children. Once a week, we can also have somebody cook dinner for the guests at an additional charge. The dishes are Portuguese-inspired and offer a great introduction to local culture.

There are many restaurants close by. One favourite is a traditional Portuguese restaurant that offers very good food and is mainly frequented by locals. Another is tiny and you feel almost like being at your mother’s house. Additionally, there are several good places to get take-out. Of course, guests can always ask us for recommendations on where to go in Lisbon.”
Lounge area - myhomeinlisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal
— Lounge area
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