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Nichinichi Townhouse is managed by Fumie, gallery owner.
¥26000 - ¥33000/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Exterior - Nichinichi Townhouse, in Kyoto, Japan
— Elmar: “The house is for people who aren’t just looking for a place to sleep, but who want to immerse themselves into a cultural atmosphere, as well as appreciate our unique style.”
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— How would you describe Nichinichi Townhouse in a nutshell?

Elmar: “Nichinichi townhouse is a minimalistic yet luxurious holiday retreat in the middle of Kyoto’s historic centre. It is build around an old warehouse. Usually these warehouses are build by thick clay walls, designed to protect the family’s treasures, such as seeds, family heirlooms, and so on, from a potential fire. They are a rare sight nowadays, which is why this one really stands out when approaching the estate from the street. The style of property is a combination of traditional Japanese with modern aesthetics.”
Exterior - Nichinichi Townhouse, in Kyoto, Japan
— Exterior

— What was your inspiration to create the townhouse and rent it out to guests?

Elmar: “For more than 20 years we have been running the art gallery ‘Nichinichi’, which is specialized in fine crafts. We always had the idea to create a space where people could not only see and buy, but also use and experience our special style and selection. Two years ago we found this great house, so we decided to realise our dream here.

Creating a small holiday rental is a wonderful way to bring the world to Kyoto. Staying in our townhouse you can enjoy the lifestyle our gallery is standing for. Since we like Japanese tea a lot and our gallery often shows Japanese tea ceramics, we opened a small tearoom, where people can taste fine organic Japanese green teas and selected chocolates.”
Courtyard - Nichinichi Townhouse, in Kyoto, Japan
— Courtyard

— What’s your philosophy?

Elmar: “Our philosophy is about meeting and forming relationships with the people we work with as well as our guests, and exposing them to these long-established customs and products. We believe that all good things need time to evolve. We are happy when people tell us that they feel a different flow of time, a calming energy in our place.”
Interior - Nichinichi Townhouse, in Kyoto, Japan
— Interior

— Please tell us about the house and the rooms.

Elmar: “The holiday rental is located next to our gallery in a 100-year-old house, which shows the refined taste and high level of traditional craftsmanship. It has its own private entrance. Once inside, you first come to a lounge, which faces a calm moss garden. It is a lovely place to have a cup of tea and relax. This area is modern, with wooden flooring and ceiling. The colours are sophisticated with mainly reds, purples, and touches of browns.

On the first floor of the house you find a working space with a desk and couch. On the second floor, you'll find the bedroom, which is just big enough for two people. Surrounded by clay walls you will sleep on tatami and futon. If guests find the futons too hard, softer mattresses are available as well.”
Exterior - Nichinichi Townhouse, in Kyoto, Japan
— Exterior

— Please tell us about the facilities and services.

Elmar: “There is a small, fully stocked kitchen, which during daytime will also be used by our staff. The bathroom is equipped with a spacious rain shower and everything you need to refresh yourself after a long day exploring Kyoto. Floor heating and air conditioning make Nichinichi Townhouse a convenient place in summer and in winter. Overall, the townhouse is a quiet, luxurious space with a focus on the essentials and no clutter.

Nichinichi Townhouse is a self-catering holiday home. However, our staff at the gallery acts as a concierge and can help with any kind of questions, reservations or recommendations based on our guest’s personal preferences. We can recommend a lot of good places to eat and also have bicycles available, as Kyoto is a perfect town for cycling around.”
Bedroom - Nichinichi Townhouse, in Kyoto, Japan
— Bedroom

— In your opinion, what’s so special about this holiday home?

Elmar: “We put a lot of effort into small details, even if they don’t necessarily stand out. Most of our furniture is authentic vintage and very fitting for the townhouse. The house has an organic atmosphere without being highly decorative. It’s much more minimalistic, a kind of natural living space that gives you a feeling of calmness and freedom – and all this in the middle of the city.”
 - Nichinichi Townhouse, in Kyoto, Japan
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