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N’orma is managed by Andreina, designer and journalist.
295 - 345/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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N’orma outside terrace - N’orma, in Sicily, Italy
— Andreina: “In my opinion, this is the most charming and certainly the most characteristic region of all of Sicily.”
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— How would you describe N’orma in a few words?

Andreina: “N’orma is a small hotel in the countryside of Ragusa in southern Sicily. It is a rural farm, a baglio, a masseria, a typical Sicilian building with a square courtyard in the center and rooms that open up around it. People come here to stay, to share the space and the landscape. Without hurry.”
N’orma outside terrace - N’orma, in Sicily, Italy
— N’orma outside terrace

— What was your inspiration to renovate the house and open a small hotel?

Andreina: “Maurizio, my husband is Sicilian. From Catania. I was born in a small Ligurian village overlooking the sea where we now spend the winter months. We met in Milan where we both worked. Maurizio as a journalist for a leading Italian newspaper, and I as an interior designer. We were looking for a house in the country. Just for us.

This area fascinated us so we got married there. We choose Chiaramonte Gulfi because it is far away from the classic touristic destinations and here the landscape is of an extraordinary beauty. When we saw the house for the first time, abandoned and in poor condition, we immediately thought it was the right one for us.”
Rooms 15 + 25 terraces - N’orma, in Sicily, Italy
— Rooms 15 + 25 terraces

— How would you describe the atmosphere at N’orma?

Andreina: “I hope its charm lies in its essential frugality and authenticity, with no definite boundary between our home and the guests’ residence. Its charm is nothing but the legacy of the necessary, sparingly used by previous owners. We tried to establish a connection between the character of the old dwelling and contemporary living, preferring at times the first one and at other times the second.

There is no folklore at N’orma. The respect for the memory of a world that no longer exists is evident, but the house is well rooted in the present. The ceiling of reeds and walls blackened by a fire lit again and again are still there to witness the past and are now the backdrop for new experiences.”
 - N’orma, in Sicily, Italy

— For what type of guests is N’orma ideal? And for whom is it not?

Andreina: “It’s the ideal place for those who see their holiday as an ideal opportunity for meeting. First with themselves and with their time, and then with us. Here they can follow the slow pace of the countryside. No worries. Away from the noise. To rest. For this reason we decided to create only two rooms, for 4 people. It’s the right number for us to pamper and care for. We prefer adults only, but in the case we get a family with children, we recommend they occupy both the rooms.”
Pool at N’orma - N’orma, in Sicily, Italy
— Pool at N’orma

— Please tell us about the two rooms and the facilities at the hotel.

Andreina: “The two rooms overlook the pool and the olive trees and are designed as a natural extension of open space. They were once spaces for animals and crops and this memory has been retained: the manger is now the basin of one of the bathrooms and the wall with large feed holes is now the container of a fireplace that warms on cooler evenings.

Both rooms have a double bed, bath and a separate toilet, linen sheets and bath towels and cashmere blankets, facial and body cleansers, as well as WiFi. One room is wheelchair-accessible.

At N’orma you can spend the day at a slow pace: you can relax in the sun, enjoy bicycle trips, swim in the pool, walk through the fields or play boule. But you can also take a Sicilian cooking class, or read one of the many books from our library or listen to music. And in the evening you can watch a movie under the stars.”
Kitchen - N’orma, in Sicily, Italy
— Kitchen

— What other services and amenities are available to your holiday guests?

Andreina: “We can arrange tours and excursions, or book a personal shopper who goes to food markets and shops. Guests can visit the wineries of the Wine Road and participate in the olive and grape harvest. Our area provides many possibilities. We offer them according to the tastes of our guests.”
 - N’orma, in Sicily, Italy
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