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Palacete de Cázulas is managed by Richard, the Owner.
607 - 1435/night
Suitable for 18-34 people

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Palacete de Cázulas - Palacete de Cázulas, in Granada, Spain
— Richard: “In one day, I have played golf, skied, and swam in the Mediterranean. There’s not many places in the world, apart from places in Italy and maybe California where you can do that.”
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— Please tell us a bit about the history of Placate de Cázulas.

Richard: “The property dates back from 1492, famous for Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. The first owner was a Moroccan, a Moorish vizier who then sold it to a count. Those were the first set of deeds but there was probably a house on the site prior to that.
We’ve been in occupation since 1994. The house had been empty for 20 years, and was previously owned by a Marquesa de Montenaro y Barcinas. The building had changed quite a bit over the years. We took about 6 years to improve it, because it was in a terrible state. All of the refurbishing was done by us, and we’re still doing it. It’s a lifetime project, really.”
Palacete de Cázulas - Palacete de Cázulas, in Granada, Spain
— Palacete de Cázulas

— What was the inspiration to buy Placate de Cázulas and rent it out?

Richard: “It’s a very unusual property and a very special house. I’ve been in the property business all my life and I haven’t seen many like it. Probably the nearest in comparison I know of are in the Seville area and one or two in Granada.
We used to run Palacete de Cázulas as a boutique hotel, but we decided it wasn’t really viable. We were working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week for five years. It was getting a bit much, really. We restrict it now to rentals. That’s what we specialize in and it works quite well.”
Palacete de Cázulas chapel - Palacete de Cázulas, in Granada, Spain
— Palacete de Cázulas chapel

— How would you describe the style of the mansion?

Richard: “First of all, you don’t find a lot of plastic at Placate de Cázulas. It’s not modern. We’ve refurbished it ‘Chateau style’, with a lot of traditional antiques. The drawing room shows this very well.
It is a family house and it is being treated as such. When a group comes, they feel they’re in a really smart, special property, like a private let. The only concession to the hotel side of things are the room numbers.”
 - Palacete de Cázulas, in Granada, Spain

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities and the rooms at the villa.

Richard: “The main house at Placate de Cázulas has 11 bedrooms and each of these has its own bathroom, except the one in the tower. The bedroom is upstairs on the second floor and the bathroom is just above it, converted from an old dove cove. The two cottages offer three twin bedrooms with en suite bathroom or shower room.
Brenda, my wife, has done a miracle on the gardens. They are very ornamental, similar in style to the Alhambra. In terms of facilities we also have a heated swimming pool and a hard tennis court.
We spend quite a bit of time in the winter doing improvements. Our guests come back over and over because we’re always doing new stuff and improve the property, yet keep it all in the style of the house.”
Swimming pool - Palacete de Cázulas, in Granada, Spain
— Swimming pool

— There is also a chapel on the property, perfect for weddings.

Richard: “Yes there is, which is very unusual these days. It’s a consecrated chapel. We actually have five weddings back to back at the moment, although, with the restrictions of the Spanish church, most people get married in their home town and have a blessing in our chapel and then a reception at the house.

We also have a recently converted olive mill that we use as a wedding hall in the winter or when it’s raining.”
Palacete de Cázulas main suite - Palacete de Cázulas, in Granada, Spain
— Palacete de Cázulas main suite

— How would you like your vacation guests to remember their stay at Placate de Cázulas?

Richard: “What’s unusual is that we’re very exclusive. If someone has a wedding planned, they’re not going to have five other weddings coming in. When they come into the house, there’s an electrically operated gate for privacy. Nobody’s allowed in unless they say so (except for the staff, obviously).
Most of our wedding groups don’t want to bother with cooking so we offer catering for them. We don’t do the reception, because that’s a specialist caterer operation but our girls are pretty good and the cooks are all Spanish locals and have been working for us for nearly 17 years. We’re very adaptable. We can offer them whatever services they want, really, which is quite unusual and not many people can offer that.”
 - Palacete de Cázulas, in Granada, Spain
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