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Petrella Guidi Lodge is managed by Gala, the owner.
900 - 2100/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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Petrella Guidi borgo - Petrella Guidi Lodge, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
— Gala: “The lodge sits on a hill offering lovely panoramic views of the valley. Inside, it’s very cozy and personal. You feel like you’re in a luxury private home, not staying in a hotel.”
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— Please tell us a bit about the history of the village of Sant’Agata Feltria.

Gala: “We’re in the heart of a small Medieval village from the 12th century which has now been ‘rediscovered’ and renewed. From the 17th century on Sant’Agata Feltria was more or less abandoned. In the 1950s post-war period many of the last 400 inhabitants had to leave their homes but in the 1980s a group of intellectuals and artists rediscovered the historic village and its timeless atmosphere. Our friend bought a house when only ten people lived there. We started to go there on holidays and he kept asking why we didn’t buy and renovate it.

Over an 18 year period, we bought our first house and then another three. Two years ago, we decided to rent them out as holiday homes. We wanted our guests to experience the atmosphere and the happiness of the place as we did in our time.”
Petrella Guidi borgo - Petrella Guidi Lodge, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
— Petrella Guidi borgo

— And now you have three holiday homes available for rent?

Gala: “Yes. We have three independent houses that are linked very closely together by small gardens and paths. Every suite, uniquely decorated with charm and attention to detail, has a private entrance and offers a lot of privacy inside, but you don't feel isolated. Common outdoor places offer the pleasure of conviviality.”
Petrel Guidi exterior - Petrella Guidi Lodge, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
— Petrel Guidi exterior

— Do other people live in the village now or is it still abandoned?

Gala: “There are about 20 people who live in Sant’Agata Feltria permanently. A big part of the village is already reconstructed and some families now also come back to their houses for the summer holidays. It’s not that abandoned any more now.”
 - Petrella Guidi Lodge, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

— Tell us about the three holiday villas and suites that make up Petrella Guidi Lodge.

Gala: “The main house, called Casa Maestra, has three levels: the 1st level has the main hall with the fire place, the tea room, the library and a bathroom are on the 2nd level, and the Rose suite is on the 3rd level. This suite can only be rented when you rent the whole property.

The second house has three floors. On one floor there is the Kitchen and below that is the Mirror suite. There’s a small indoor pool and hot tub, a Turkish bath and a home cinema, all with independent entrances.

The third house features the Poet suite and the fitness room on the level below. All suites have their own entrances of course and all the amenities in the different houses are for everybody.”
Kitchen - Petrella Guidi Lodge, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
— Kitchen

— Do you offer breakfast, lunch and dinner at Petrella Guidi Lodge?

Gala: “We offer continental breakfast and if guests want to cook lunch or dinner themselves, they can also book the kitchen in advance. If you rent the entire property, Petrella Guidi becomes self-catering with the kitchen services available upon request. Alternatively, we can supply a chef as well.”
Mirror Suite - Petrella Guidi Lodge, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
— Mirror Suite

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Petrella Guidi Lodge?

Gala: “Petrella Guidi Lodge is and oasis of inspiration for thinkers and dreamers with breathtaking views and great sense of serenity in the Montefeltro region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy.

It’s very cozy and personal inside. You feel like you’re in a luxury private home, not staying in a hotel. The furniture was bought during our travels all over the world, including things from Asia and India. It’s a very nice mix.”
 - Petrella Guidi Lodge, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
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