Rügen Beach House is managed by Edzard, photographer.
174 - 334/night
Suitable for 5-8 people

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Rügen Beach House - Rügen Beach House, in Rügen, Germany
— Susanne: “We’re located directly at the edge of a nature reserve on Rügen island. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful area.”
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— How would you describe the beach house in a nutshell?

Susanne: “It’s a dream come true for us. We’ve been traveling the world for more than 20 years and were always looking for places with a natural beauty and genuine character, and we found that very difficult to find. We discovered the ‘Ostsee’ in Germany five years ago and we realized such a project ourselves, opening our doors to people who are looking for the same. It’s natural beauty in a very relaxing environment.”
Rügen Beach House - Rügen Beach House, in Rügen, Germany
— Rügen Beach House

— Please tell us a bit about the architecture of your holiday home.

Susanne: “The beach house looks contemporary but it was actually inspired by two architects who were famous in the 20th century. A Norwegian woman called Wenche Selmer who was always trying to match modern architecture with the natural environment. The other architect was American — Robert Venturi — who built with the same ideas.”
Living area - Rügen Beach House, in Rügen, Germany
— Living area

— How would you describe the atmosphere inside the beach house?

Susanne: “The house is built completely out of wood and has very good natural fiber insulation and under-floor heating, so even in winter the house is cozy. The windows are modern Scandinavian, and the climate in the house is very comfortable, providing cooler temperatures in summer and retaining heat well in winter.”
View of the harbour - Rügen Beach House, in Rügen, Germany
— View of the harbour

— Please tell us about the rooms and facilities available.

Susanne: “The house has two floors and is very open, so no matter which room you’re in, you get a feeling of the whole house; it’s all intertwined. That’s why the rental feels really big even though it’s only about 135 square meters.

There are three bedrooms with two bathrooms and a sofa in the gallery where additional holiday guests can sleep if the rooms are full. We offer wireless LAN, a DVD player, a sauna, and an open wood fireplace. We paid a lot of attention to the details and offer flexibility in terms of our guests’ needs. Also, no matter which room you’re in, you have a view of the Baltic sea and get lots of light.”
Bedroom - Rügen Beach House, in Rügen, Germany
— Bedroom
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