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Sago Hotel is managed by Ariel, General Manager.
$259 - $1500/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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The Sago Duplex Penthouse - Sago Hotel, in New York City, United States
— Michael: “Sago Hotel literally brings you into the heart of the Lower East Side. We give guests the actual New York experience of seeing New York as a native does.”
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— How would you describe Sago Hotel in a nutshell?

Michael: “Sago Hotel is a small boutique hotel in New York City’s Lower Manhattan neighborhood, the Lower East Side. The hotel is entrenched in an industrial vibe but with high-end amenities and services.”
Sago Hotel on Orchard Street - Sago Hotel, in New York City, United States
— Sago Hotel on Orchard Street

— What is the story behind Sago Hotel and what was the inspiration to open up a boutique hotel?

Michael: “The owner of Sago Hotel has been living in the lower East Side for 30 years after moving there from Israel. He was renting a storefront at the time and he walked past the building every day and say ‘I want that building’. So when the building eventually came up for sale after 22 years, he decided to buy it.

Due to its state, the original building eventually had to be torn down to make space for a newer and better structure. They dug down two stories and then rebuilt a brand new building on top. Eight years later, after the building was refurbished, Sago Hotel was ready for business.”
6th Floor Studio at Sago Hotel - Sago Hotel, in New York City, United States
— 6th Floor Studio at Sago Hotel

— Please tell us about the architecture of Sago Hotel.

Michael: “The architecture of our boutique hotel has a minimalist industrial vibe with mute colors and puffs of personalized characteristics throughout. It shows the different textures and patterns while not drowning out any individual features.

Great attention was paid to the detailing in the building, from the bricks of the façade, which were imported from Norway, to the German side tables that have different shapes and textures and hide the wires for the phone and Internet.

Despite the industrial look, it offers a warm feel due to the refinement of the design and the high-end amenities and services.”
 - Sago Hotel, in New York City, United States

— Please tell us about the hotel rooms.

Michael: “There are a total of 20 rooms split up into four rooms per floor. From the second to the fifth floor each bedroom has large picture windows offering beautiful views over the city. The design of the rooms is very artsy but comfortable at the same time, with 500-count Egyptian cotton sheets and high-end mattresses as well as flat-panel smart televisions.

On the east side are the King Studio and King Studio Deluxe, which have additional day beds, kitchenettes, and stand-alone soaking tubs. The sixth, seventh and eighth floors have full-floor, one-bedroom suites with a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and bathroom. Those suites have terraces on the front and back of the building as well.

The Duplex Penthouse takes up the top two floors with private key card access and four terraces with outdoor seating. It’s a two bed, two-bath penthouse with a full kitchen and a living room. There are floor-to-ceiling windows on the top floor offering amazing views of downtown and the bridges.”
Sago Hotel Deluxe City View - Sago Hotel, in New York City, United States
— Sago Hotel Deluxe City View

— Do you have a favorite room?

Michael: “I like the Duplex Penthouse, but the King Studio Deluxe is very popular. As soon as people see the room, they fall in love with the stand-alone tub. This type of bathtub is usually shown in magazines or higher-end homes, something that many people don’t have the opportunity to experience. It’s quite a treat and makes for a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift.”
The Sago Duplex Penthouse - Sago Hotel, in New York City, United States
— The Sago Duplex Penthouse

— What kind of services do you offer at Sago Hotel?

Michael: “Sago Hotel offers a 24-hour concierge service which includes recommendations of places to go that are off the beaten path, everything from an awesome market to exclusive restaurants that you can’t usually get reservations for. We put great emphasis on providing a personalized and private experience.

The lower two floors have a full-service restaurant with a farm-to-table concept called John Paul. The restaurant serves seasonal menus that can also be provided as room service 24/7. All the ingredients arrive fresh daily and are sourced locally. If something doesn’t grow in this area, it’s not used in the restaurant.

The restaurant is open to our hotel guests as well as the public. If guests have certain dietary requests, we can certainly accommodate them.”
 - Sago Hotel, in New York City, United States
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