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Spitalfields Townhouse is managed by Fiona, the owner.
£185 - £210/night
Suitable for up to 4 people

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Spitalfields Town House Lounge - Spitalfields Townhouse, in London, United Kingdom
— Fiona: “The opportunity to stay in one of these early 18th century town houses is very special. Spitalfields is known for its concentration of them but not many of them are open to visit.”
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— How would you describe Spitalfields Town House in a nutshell?

Fiona: “The Spitalfields Town House is a quirky, early 18th century holiday home rental in London, England. Mixing old and new, it offers contemporary luxury in a former weaver’s home.”
Spitalfields Town House Lounge - Spitalfields Townhouse, in London, United Kingdom
— Spitalfields Town House Lounge

— What’s the history of the Spitalfields Town House?

Fiona: “The shell of the building dates back to the 16th century and has timber framing on the top two floors and 17th century weather boarding on the outside. The vestiges and the cellar are also part of this early construction. Later, when the houses next to the Spitalfields Town House were built, the front of the building was pushed forward to line up with them. The visible structures, such as the paneling and the staircase, are from 1720.

When I bought Spitalfields Town House, the house had never been wired or plumbed and was generally in a very bad state. The downstairs had been a café and from the upstairs 1940’s bedroom you could see through the roof to the sky. A hard hat was necessary to enter and look around.

The restoration of the house took two years and we only did what was necessary. It was important to us that the house would speak for itself; therefore we chose to use old materials as much as possible to harmonise with the rest of the original fabric.”
Dining area - Spitalfields Townhouse, in London, United Kingdom
— Dining area

— Please tell us about the interior design of the holiday rental.

Fiona: “I did all the interior design with a focus on creating a calm and quiet atmosphere. In the shop I mix old and new, juxtaposing things. I think modern lines work very well with the very clean lines of Georgian furniture and the simplicity of the building.”
 - Spitalfields Townhouse, in London, United Kingdom

— Please tell us about Spitalfields Town House’s rooms and facilities.

Fiona: “There is a kitchen and living room on the first floor of the house. The kitchen has original paneling and a central island with a dishwasher, sink and cooking surface. A refrigerator, oven, and espresso machine are available as well. The dining room provides space for up to eight people.

The other two floors of the rental are where the two bedrooms and a bathroom with an antique bathtub and a shower are located. An 18th century king-sized bed and a double bed sleep up to four adults. The smaller bedroom is rather charming and has a balcony with a nice view. It provides the feel of what late 19th century Spitalfields would have looked like.

On the top floor is also a den or TV room with a DVD player and a deck to walk out onto. The sofa bed can be opened up into a king-sized bed.”
King bedroom - Spitalfields Townhouse, in London, United Kingdom
— King bedroom

— Are there any services that you offer your holiday guests?

Fiona: “Upon arrival our holiday guests receive a complimentary bottle of wine to be welcomed to Stay in Spitalfieds Town House. We are available between 11 and 6 every day if people need assistance and can offer suggestions on what to see and do in the area and assist with arranging taxi service, etc. Other than that, this is a self-catering holiday home.

Our shop is on the ground floor, but our guests can come and go through their own entrance for more privacy. The shop also has a gallery and rear courtyard for guests to enjoy.”
Double bedroom - Spitalfields Townhouse, in London, United Kingdom
— Double bedroom

— What was your inspiration to rent out your town house to holiday guests?

Fiona: “When I first came here 15 years ago, this was not a touristy area, so that renting it out as a holiday home wouldn’t have worked. There was hardly anything here and it was a much edgier area than it is now. The area changed completely when they redid the market and put in lots of restaurants. Tourists started appearing about six years ago.

I originally had been renting Spitalfields Town House out on 12-month lets, but it eventually made a lot more sense to offer short-term holiday rentals, both for myself but also as a wonderful opportunity for visitors to this area of London.”
 - Spitalfields Townhouse, in London, United Kingdom
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