yök Casa & Cultura is managed by Petz and Mari, designer and hotel management expert.
214 - 640/night
Suitable for 4-8 people

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yök Casa C living room - yök Casa & Cultura, in Barcelona, Spain
— Petz: “We adorned the holiday apartments with modern furniture from local designers and companies. Everything is local. When you’re here, you’re really in Barcelona.”
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— Please tell us a little about yök Casa & Cultura.

Petz: “Yök are eco-friendly holiday apartments in Barcelona, Spain, with the Casa being the accommodation and the Cultura being all kinds of cultural activities that we do for both the guests and the locals. We don’t want yök to be a tourist bubble.

We’ve based yök on three main points: sustainability, Barcelona, and design.”
yök Casa C living room - yök Casa & Cultura, in Barcelona, Spain
— yök Casa C living room

— What was your inspiration to open yök as holiday apartments?

Petz: “I’m a sustainability designer, and one of my projects years ago was to renovate my own apartment. It received a lot of press and people really liked it, but they couldn’t live there. So that’s when I got the idea to do a bed & breakfast. To make it happen, I got together with my business partner Mari.

It turns out that a bed & breakfast is illegal in Barcelona. There’s no license that lets you do it, so it then turned into holiday apartments. Although, eventually we plan to offer breakfast on the terrace or in the apartments. We also want to offer yoga classes and massages as well.”
Casa B living and dining - yök Casa & Cultura, in Barcelona, Spain
— Casa B living and dining

— How would you describe the atmosphere of the apartments?

Petz: “A lot of people comment that it’s very peaceful, light and fresh. That’s one of the special experiences of staying here. All of the walls are white to bring out the original features from when it was originally built in 1900. It has modernist features like the mosaic floors, which are very colorful — and they’re the originals from 1900 — and also decorative ceilings and a lot of carpentry like sliding balcony doors.

We adorned it with modern furniture from Barcelona designers and companies, so it’s kind of a mix. But everything is local. That was very important to us. When you’re in these apartments, you’re really in Barcelona.

As for the sustainability, it was very important for us not to throw anything away, and to restore everything that’s possible. For example, we had some doors left over and turned them into headrests for the beds. The new materials added are all nontoxic, including the paint, varnishes, lighting, etc.”
 - yök Casa & Cultura, in Barcelona, Spain

— Please tell us more about the sustainability aspect at yök.

Petz: “We still have the amenities people are used to. For example, we have air conditioning, but we instruct guests on how to close shades during the day to keep heat out, and we also have ceiling fans to circulate the air.

We give out free filtered water from the office so people don’t have to buy plastic bottles. We have aerators in all the taps and showers to control the water flow. We installed a system that measures the water consumption of all the guests and people will see the energy consumption of each apartment. It becomes a bit like a competition...

We have other automation systems, e.g. if the windows are open, the air conditioning or heating turns off. There’s also a central switch in each apartment that lets you switch off all the electricity so you don’t have to worry if something was left on.”
yök roof terrace - yök Casa & Cultura, in Barcelona, Spain
— yök roof terrace

— Please tell us more about the holiday apartments themselves.

Petz: “If you’re a big group, Casa C is amazing. It has four double bedrooms and four en-suite bathrooms. It’s has the same comfort as a hotel, but on top of that you have a fully equipped kitchen and living room.

The other two holiday apartments have two double bedrooms and one bathroom each, and a kitchen, of course. Everything is equipped with both new and second-hand furniture, as well as old porcelain from family and friends or second-hand markets.

We also provide information about Barcelona, like maps and so on, as well as straw baskets for people who need to do shopping, so they can avoid plastic bags.”
Casa C kitchen area - yök Casa & Cultura, in Barcelona, Spain
— Casa C kitchen area

— What sort of cultural events do you offer at yök Casa & Cultura?

Petz: “Last Saturday we opened an exhibition at yök called Homage to the Mosaic. We invited a local artist who does mosaic-type artwork to show his art here. At the same time, we’ve explained the mosaic floors in the apartments.

The events can also be food related, like tasting sessions with Catalan wines and cheeses. Basically anything related to design, sustainability and the local culture, in order to bring people together and enjoy our city.”
 - yök Casa & Cultura, in Barcelona, Spain
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