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Kenoa villa - Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort, in Alagoas, Brazil
— Pedro: “The first few hours guests are here, they cool off. They tell us this is the perfect place to do nothing. That’s what they need. A place for peace and the music of the waves.”
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— Please tell us a little about Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort.

Pedro: “The idea is to have a place where people can enjoy tranquility. We want them to feel at home in our care and with the attention we give them. The luxury here is very casual.

The ideas of sustainability and ecology were on our minds from the beginning, but always with a sense of simplicity and comfort.

For example, we tried to keep all of our materials sustainable. All our wood is reforested, we use LED lights to save electricity, we have a solar heating system, the employee uniforms don’t require ironing, nor do the napkins we use, and we use as little chemicals in our pool as possible — instead we use a salt water treatment.”
— Kenoa villa

— What was your inspiration to open a boutique hotel?

Pedro: “We wanted to create a hotel from the guest’s point of view. I don’t have a background in hospitality and we didn’t visit many hotels in Brazil to not be influenced by them, so all we had was the guest’s point of view. We wanted to create something we really felt would go over well with vacation guests.

Brazil is very beautiful and there is nice weather year round but in the northeast region of Brazil, there aren’t many options for nice places to stay.

Also the whole idea of sustainability is something new in Brazil. It was our chance to create something luxurious and to show it’s possible to do it in this kind of place. Brazil has the natural materials and resources, all that’s needed to create something really different. It was just a matter of putting all the pieces together.”

— How would you describe the atmosphere at the resort?

Pedro: “The first few hours vacation guests are at Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort, they cool off. They tell us this is the perfect place to do nothing. That’s what they need. A place for peace and the music of the waves. It all comes together to provide a peaceful ambience of rest.

It’s a very casual environment. It offers freedom for the spirit. It’s not a place in the middle of a city, but a beach ambience, very relaxed and casual. We see that on the clothes they wear and from the feeling they get from sitting in our lobby. They’re very comfortable here.”
— Kenoa pool & beach area

— Please tell us a bit about the different vacation villas and facilities.

Pedro: “The hotel is shaped like a triangle and we have 10 suites on one side with balconies and a nice view of the ocean and the natural reserve.

The vacation villas are right on the beach, have private pools and gardens, and the three Jaobi Villas even have direct access to the beach.

We also have a spa that offers treatments inside the villas or at the spa itself. People usually prefer to go to the spa, as it has the steam room, sauna and fitness center.”

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