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Our handpicked selection of boutique hotels offers the best of all worlds. With outstanding service and design, luxurious amenities, extravagant locations and chic properties, all in a very personal and intimate atmosphere. Famed for their interior design and exquisite restaurants, as well as their modern and hip touch, these hotels and serviced apartments boast pools, saunas and spa treatments.

When trying to answer the question “Where can I find the best luxury boutique hotels?” the first thing that comes to mind might be chic bolt holes in busy cities such as New York, Barcelona, London, Paris, and Berlin. Yet there are tons of extraordinary design hotels in more remote and peaceful locations, such as in Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, or even Indonesia and India. Here you’ll find exhibitions by local designers and artists, organic produce fresh out of the garden, and award-winning structures by renowned architects.

These small, leading hotels offer authentic experiences, a beautiful ambience and memorable moments to be shared with others. Imagine staying at someone’s house where you can revel in the casual luxury of world-class design and all the while learning about local culture from a local’s perspective. So, when you’re looking for superb service, first-class amenities and most importantly the best of modern and contemporary interior design and architecture, this is where to search!

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