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Secluded retreats

Your favourite secluded luxury retreat can be found here, among our exclusive range of handpicked small boutique hotels, remote private islands and quiet holiday rentals. These oases of inspiration and serenity offer bespoke experiences that will allow you to become fully immersed in calm and indulgent luxury.

Take your pick from inspired luxury escapes at Chilean yurt camps, bed & breakfasts in Ireland and private villas in Ibiza or the Dominican Republic. We offer special and unique cottages in Australia, Romania, the Swiss Alps and in South Tyrol, Italy. We also pride ourselves on our private islands in Indonesia, beach houses in Kenya, lodges at Kruger National Park in South Africa, as well as unique rentals such as a secluded modern tree hotel in North Sweden. Enjoy full privacy, exceptional service, spectacular views and, best of all, the joys of simple living. The destinations might be remote, but that doesn’t mean they are isolated from the pleasures of living.

In the most secluded location, you will be able to reconnect with your surroundings by rejuvenating in silence and peace, and treating yourself to a spa day, massages or yoga lessons. Many of our lodgings offer gourmet dining paired with gracious rooms and timeless architecture. Find yourself surrounded by fresh air, dramatic views, fabulous beaches, and an abundance of fascinating energy. The style of lodging is entirely up to you – Mediterranean paradise, snow-covered mountain views, a fortified historic farmhouse, or the glamorous surroundings of 1960s Hollywood.

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