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What are the most unique holiday rentals out there? When it comes to the unusual and one of a kind experience, this is where to look! Some of these places are just beyond magical, some an escape from reality, and others might completely blow your mind. One thing is for sure – these are some memorable holiday rentals!

At least one of our unique properties will make you giddy with excitement. Let’s just say that we can boast some seriously incredible accommodations, all with that certain something. Our unusual holiday rentals are tucked away, like our ancient cave hotel in an UNESCO-listed Italian village with all the luxuries and amenities of modern times. Or, at the centre of all the hustle and bustle, there’s our modern houseboat right in Berlin where you can watch the light change over the water and the sunset over the city.

If your childhood dream was to live in a tree house, we have some that are so incredible, you will have a hard time believing they actually exist. You could stay in a mirror cube or a UFO, all right in the middle of the Swedish forest. More exciting experiences await, like a primitive hotel, a natural refuge without any electricity but with a floating sauna on a lake. Experience the feeling of nature’s silence, get to know the local culture and its people, or rural life in extremely remote regions.

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