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While staying in a yurt or igloo might sound like it’s everything but comfortable or luxurious, at our holiday camps you’ll get to experience the true meaning of glamping. We offer unique experiences in incredible natural environments, true adventures in combination with the amenities of a luxury hotel.

On a trip like this one, it will be all too easy to relive the magical feelings from your childhood. Not only are these yurt camps and igloo villages located in dramatic mountains and fascinating woods, but they also gracefully combine the special sensation of sleeping right under the stars with personalized service for each guest. Spend your days exploring the stunning wilderness, go fishing, hiking, mountain biking, or even skiing and snowboarding. Or relax back at the camp in a cosy and warm atmosphere with small wood burning stoves, yurt saunas, private hot tubs, and French vintage bathtubs.

The yurts are made entirely from natural materials and were designed to have minimal impact on the environment. As they harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape, you’ll get to experience truly unspoiled nature in its greatness and splendour. Meanwhile, the igloos are built anew each year and are perfect for a romantic getaway or even groups travelling together. You can book your next escape in Mongolian yurt camps in Norway or Patagonia, or if you prefer to live like an Eskimo, choose one of our igloo villages in the Alps in Austria, Switzerland or Southern Germany for the experience of a lifetime!

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    Patagonia Camp

    Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile
    1 - 5 people

    Patagonia Camp is a unique boutique hotel made up of 20 yurts, all of which have a view of Lake Toro and the Torres del Paine Massif in Patagonia.

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