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Private islands

Get ready for a true once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience and imagine spending your next trip at a luxury resort on a private island! With beautiful deserted beaches and incredible views of the infinite sea right outside your doorstep, we can promise you privacy and exclusivity all year round.

Take your next holiday to another level and head to one of our exclusive rentals where you’ll have the entire island to yourself – your unique paradise as the ultimate escape of your dreams. Our selection of private islands for rent includes a villa on a small island in Greece, intimate dive resorts with luxurious water cottages and villas in Indonesia, and tropical hideaways in Vanuatu where tribal communities still live in their ancestral ways. Even though our villas are blissfully secluded, some properties have staff available on request as well as top-notch restaurants and overwater spas on-site.

On the islands, you will find diving and snorkelling gear, as well as boats and kayaks for you to use during your stay. Of course, there are plenty of activities for families with kids and while we would highly recommend lounging all day long, you shouldn’t miss out on the pristine underwater worlds waiting to be explored. There are reefs full of corals, sea fans, reef sharks, seahorses, tuna, and manta rays! So, if you want to feel like Richard Branson, go ahead and reserve your private island for an exclusive getaway.

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